Ember Moon Talks To Post & Courier

Ember Moon: “A Lot Of People Were Expecting Ronda Rousey To Fall On Her Face”

Former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon recently spoke with The Post & Courier for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Ronda Rousey: “I love Ronda. She’s awesome. I’m so proud of Ronda and everything she’s done and what she continues to do here. I think a lot of people were expecting Ronda to fall on her face, but she’s proven that she can hang with anyone.”

On training everywhere she could to be the most well-rounded wrestler she could be: “I pride myself that when I was learning this craft and learning the sports entertainment side of things, it was with a variety of people. Originally I was trained by Skandor Akbar (the late Jim Wehba). I also trained with Vance Archer (aka Lance Hoyt), then Booker T, along with Rodney Mack and Jazz. I later went to Mexico to train for a bit, then I went to Canada. I started working strong style from Japan to the point where I even got the nickname ‘American Joshi.’ … I tried so hard to learn everything I could to present every style I could. I just didn’t want to be a one-sided performer as far as what I could do in the ring. So I can do the high flying, I can do the power moves, I can do the technical, but most of all I learned how to present myself in a way that no one else could.”

On who she still wants to face inside the squared circle: “There are so many people I have yet had the opportunity to work with. I’d love to have a match with Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley — the women who were at the forefront of the women’s revolution. I’d love to have another match with Asuka. I’d love to have a match with Natalya. But my ultimate dream match of all time would be versus Beth Phoenix. She has been such an inspiration for people who are different and were told that they would never be here. She kept that dream alive for me.”

Check out the complete Ember Moon interview at PostAndCourier.com.

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