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Eric Bischoff On nWo Members Being Used Wrong, Sean Waltman In WWE & WCW

Former WCW Executive Eric Bischoff appeared as a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Sean Waltman’s Role In the success of both companies: “One of the reasons in my opinion (and it’s just my opinion) that DX in the Attitude Era was as successful as it was, was because of Sean Waltman. Because Sean Waltman gave it credibility. Sean Waltman just like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did as the two guys that came over and turned WCW upside down, Sean Waltman was a guy that left the nWo and went over to WWE and they came back and turned WCW upside down. So I think Sean Waltman probably deserves a lot more credit in the overall success of the Attitude Era and the nWo than people really give him credit for.”

On certain members of the nWo being used incorrectly: “Reflecting back at it now I think it is fair to say that we got away with a lot of mistakes, clearly. Look at early on because momentum was so huge that I would disagree and with all due respect to Ted Dibiase who I respect immensely as a performer and a guy who has a legacy in the industry but to me he was a failed experiment with the nWo. Not because of him, it was because of me. It was bad casting. To take a guy like Ted Dibiase at that stage of his career and throw an nWo shirt on him was just bad casting. It is not that he was a bad actor or that it was a bad story that he was being cast in it was just as a character he was a square peg in a round story hole and it didn’t quite fit. With Virgil it was the crossover and anytime that somebody was recognized and it was the momentum that it looked like anyone that was anybody was coming into the nWo and into WCW because we were the hottest party to be at. So every time someone did you got a great reaction. But sometimes that great reaction only lasted a couple of weeks and it started to dilute the story.”

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