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Eric Bischoff Threatens Lawsuit Against Matt Hardy, Reby Sky Comments

Eric Bischoff took to social media on Thursday, commenting on reportedly threatening a lawsuit against Matt Hardy for comments made in Hardy’s recent RF Video release, prompting an impassioned response from Hardy’s wife.

In a recent trailer for the new Hardy shoot, the TNA star claimed Bischoff and Hulk Hogan “raped and pillaged” Impact Wrestling and set off a downward spiral that could put the company out of business this weekend.

On Thursday, Bischoff in response wrote the following on Twitter:

“I’m not a litigious person. Far from it actually. But I’m looking forward to this one!”

In response, Hardy’s wife, Reby Sky, wrote the following on her Twitter page:

“Controversy creates ca– wait. Strike that. Only when it’s u, right ? This whiny lil bitch @EBischoff out here threatening to sue Matt LMAO. Lame AF when people spend their existence dishing it, but can’t take it ? Hop on over & sue me next, buddy.”

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