Eric Young talks to Edge & Christian on the "Podcast Of Awesomeness."

Eric Young Recalls Conversation He Had With HHH, Talks NXT Run Thus Far

NXT Superstar Eric Young recently appeared as a guest on the latest episode of Edge & Christian’s “Podcast Of Awesomeness.”

During his appearance on the show, Young recalled a conversation he had with Triple H early into his WWE run where he spoke about being able to overachieve when given opportunities.

“I had this conversation with Hunter when I was first talking to him,” said Young. “I said, ‘I’m not the biggest guy. I’m not really great at any one thing. But I kind of have this proof of being a guy that can do all of it and do all of it at a high level.'”

Young continued, “I said, ‘anything that you want me to do, I can do it and I can probably do it better than you think I can.'”

Regarding his run in NXT as part of SAniTY, which he noted was Triple H’s idea for a long time, Young described it as “awesome so far.”

“It has been awesome so far. The new thing is they’ve got me in this group, SAniTY, and I’m the leader,” said Young. “You know, maniac group and it feels really good. The other three, Nikki [Cross], [Alexander] Wolfe, and [Big] Damo [aka Killian Dain], they’re new to TV, but they’re all people who’ve kind of wrestled all over the place, so they’re experienced that way, but they’re learning that wrestling on TV is completely different than wrestling independently.”

Young continued, “Yeah, it’s a completely different thing, so I’m there to kind of like help that along and that’s kind of a cool position for me to be in. Like the fact that the respect me and my knowledge enough to put me [in that spot]. I guess it’s an idea Hunter has had for a long time.”

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