Eric Young Takes More Shots At WWE, Says Vince McMahon "Failed The Roster & Fans"

WWE IMPACT |By Matt Boone |Tue, September 8, 2020 - 12:41PM EDT
Eric Young

IMPACT world champion Eric Young recently spoke to Fightful to discuss his departure from WWE and why he believes Vince McMahon failed his the WWE roster.

Additionally, the IMPACT World Champion touched on his NXT run and how it was one of the few things about his experience in WWE that he considers a positive.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the new Eric Young interview.

On how Vince McMahon failed his shareholders, failed his roster, and failed his fans: "I’ve said what I said about Vince, I don’t think the decision of me being in that position was anything personal. He was always polite to me when we spoke. He’s got way more wins than he’s got losses. In the end, he didn’t fail me, he failed himself. That’s what I have to say about that. He failed himself. He failed the roster. He failed his shareholders. More importantly, he failed the fans. I think every week on IMPACT!, or anywhere that I work, I’m proving that. I was never in that position. It had nothing to do with my abilities. It had nothing to do with my history. It had nothing to do with my skill set or anything that I had done or said. It was just one person’s opinion. I’m not the first person that he missed on, and I won’t be the last. He doesn’t care. He’s just going to go on making billions of dollars. He’s winning. He’s definitely winning."

On Vince McMahon not using him being one of his biggest mistakes: "I don’t think it’s anything personal. I’m not mad at him. I would never hold it personally against him. But, it was a mistake. A big one. Maybe one of the worst ones he’s ever made. That’s just my opinion, but my opinion won’t change. He made a huge mistake. His mistake is the wrestling world’s and IMPACT! Wrestling’s advantage. If that didn’t happen then I’m not sitting here talking to you. I’m not the World Champion. I’m not part of a wrestling company that’s growing during a global pandemic. It’s a very exciting time to be Eric Young and to be part of IMPACT! Wrestling."

On how he really enjoyed his run in NXT: "My run in NXT, I loved it. I still talk with Hunter today. I was talking to him on Monday. Me and him are very friendly. The opportunity he gave me in NXT I will never forget. It was two of the fondest years of my life in wrestling. I loved it, working for the WWE, winning the World Tag belts, being part of War Games, match of the year. Sanity was one of the number one acts in NXT. Everyone, if you’re listening to this, you’re well aware of what happened on the main roster. If I could erase that, I would. But, I’m a very experiential person. I believe everything happens for a reason. I want to experience everything. Good, bad and indifferent. The main roster run was definitely not a success. But, it happened. It’s just part of wrestling. It’s part of the business. I’m moving forward. It’s cool to be with IMPACT! in a time of growth like this. I want to be a big part of, and be responsible for, its growth being a household name. That’s the plan."

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