"All Ego" Ethan Page

Ethan Page Says He Would Love To Win The AEW All-Atlantic Championship

All Elite Wrestling Star Ethan Page had a conversation with Comicbook.com on a variety of topics such as how he would love to win the AEW All-Atlantic Championship and defend the title in his hometown.

Ethan Page said:

“I’d love to win All-Atlantic Title and bring back Alpha-1 Wrestling to my hometown and have that be one of my first title defenses.” “To bring the belt back to my hometown, bring the company back and defend it in my hometown, in front of my hometown crowd as the Canadian legend that I know that I am, that would be pretty sweet.”

Ethan Page also talked about how he has had more opportunities to speak due to Stokely Hathaway.

Ethan Page said:

“I’ve had more opportunities to speak. I’ve been put in a spotlight more. Stokely Hathaway will happily take a back seat to Ethan Page. I don’t know if Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky would say the same.”

Ethan Page also talked about how he and Stokely Hathaway have been friends for years.

Ethan Page said:

“Me and Stokely have been buddies for years.” “My first taste of attention or any kind of buzz doing something in wrestling was with Evolve [Wrestling] and I got to do that with Stokely. There’s that mutual respect. And he even said it on the microphone: we’ve loved each other, we’ve hated each other. That’s as true as it could be with our relationship in real life, but when it comes to business, I know his talents and I know his drive. Onscreen, offscreen, he will go out of his way to make sure everything he does is memorable and special, and I have that same drive and motivation.”

You can check out Ethan Page’s comments at this link.

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