Eva Marie On WWE Fans: “I Hope They Boo Me Out Of The Building”

During her recent chat with Hollywood Life, Raw superstar Eva Marie discussed WWE Hall of Farmer’s The Bella Twins’. Eva Marie also looked forward to WWE’s return to the road, and more. Check out her comments below.

On the success The Bella Twins’ have had inside and outside of WWE:

“I think what they have done is fantastic. You know, they’ve taken their brand and they’ve been able to incorporate that into businesses and things of that nature as well as, you know, become Hall of Famers and it’s great. Obviously, our journeys are very different, you know, I went kind of the TV and Film route, and I don’t have any children. I have a lot of dogs. So, that’s the difference. But you know they’re definitely a staple when you think of the WWE brand for sure.”

On the reaction she hopes to receive during WWE’s return to touring:

“There is nothing like performing and walking into our upcoming tours that start July 16th with SmackDown out in Texas and Monday Night Raw in Dallas. I just moved there so I feel like it is a little bit of my hometown now, but to walk out there and embrace the fans… actually I hope they boo. I hope they boo me out of the building. Every movie and every show or book, you always need a good villain and I’m okay wearing that hat. Coming back I think the WWE Universe has no problem making me that villain either.”

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