Even More Backstage Details on WWE’s Decision to Release Enzo Amore

— As reported yesterday, after first announcing a suspension for Enzo Amore amid the allegations of sexual assault, WWE moved swiftly to change that to an official termination. The rumored reason for that was because Enzo failed to disclose any of the details surrounding this case to WWE officials despite knowing about them for months. It had nothing to do with whether the company believes he is guilty or not.

— A report from pwinsider.com supports this notion as well. WWE’s protocol in these sort of situations is to first suspend the wrestler in question when he is charged and then to terminate him or her if a conviction results or lift the suspension if they are cleared of any wrong doing. In Amore’s case, he wasn’t even formally charged with anything yet WWE still decided to terminate his contract.

— The report goes onto state that WWE officials were completely unaware of this sexual assault issue until the media began contacting them for statements after it all leaked on Twitter on Monday. This was obviously a very busy day for the company, but they did approach Enzo about the allegations, which he reportedly denied yet admitted that he was aware of the ongoing investigation. When WWE management realized this, they immediately suspended Enzo and asked him to leave the Barclays Center. The decision to then terminate came the next day after officials sat down and determined that this incident was the “last straw” for Enzo in WWE.

— As we all know very well by now, Enzo has been involved in a number of controversial instances in recent months, including but not limited to being thrown off the tour bus in Europe for being loud and obnoxious and not letting his fellow wrestlers sleep and mocking Big Cass’ injury on social media. This all added up and culminated on Monday on a night which WWE took very seriously. The only way this could have been worse for him is if WWE was blind-sided by this during WrestleMania week.

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