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Famous B On Temple At Lucha Underground, Talking With Damian Priest About Bad Bunny, Konnan & More

Famous B from Lucha Underground recently spoke with Andrew Thompson from POST Wrestling for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, Famous B spoke about the atmosphere of the temple in Lucha Underground, his talks with Damian Priest about Bad Bunny, how Konnan has always been very helpful and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview, as well as a complete video archive of the discussion.

On the atmosphere of the temple in Lucha Underground: “It was absolutely amazing. It was incredible. It was, you know, it was nice. Not too small but not too big. It was where you kind of got that intimate feel and once you jam-packed the fans in there — the balcony definitely made it feel unique, the roof on top of Dario Cueto’s office and whatnot gave you a kind of extra, I guess you could say spring to jump off of, make matches more interesting but yeah, the unique places, the ways you could get creative putting matches together definitely gave us an edge in terms of the setup because we were able to do things that most places aren’t able to do just because of the environment, things like that so, yeah, it was awesome. It kind of reminded me of the old ECW feel, the ECW vibe, you know what I mean? It was very cool.”

On Konnan always being very helpful: “Konnan’s been responsible for a lot of the bookings that I’ve gotten out there [Mexico] and you know, once I get that opportunity, show up, be a professional and make acquaintances and things like that and make connections and the rest is history from there. Konnan is awesome. He definitely has been influential throughout my career on several occasions and anytime he sees anything fit for me that I can contribute or that I can be a part of, he doesn’t hesitate to connect me. One of those being the Heroes Of Lucha Libre. I did commentary for the series during the pandemic and you know, he just always looks out and I love working with him and love hanging with him. He’s definitely a cool cat.”

On his talks with Damian Priest about Bad Bunny: “One of my good friends is John Morrison of course. Bad Bunny obviously spent a lot of time working with John and when you’re working with a guy of John’s caliber and his skill level and being guided by someone like him, [that] definitely played an important role in — I’m pretty sure that definitely made Bad Bunny’s life a lot easier, you know? Working with a guy like John but, yeah, big ups to him and just everything that he did over the — well actually over the course of his entire run so far. I was having a conversation with Damian Priest over WrestleMania weekend. We’ve actually talked a little bit about Bad Bunny and his experience, from Bad Bunny’s perspective through the lens of Damian Priest and off of Damian Priest’s perspective and things like that and I got a lot of good [insight] about how everything went down and what went on and I’m glad Bad Bunny had the opportunity to do his thing and shine the way he did and I hope that if his schedule permits, he can keep it going and come back for another run.”

On how he can be an asset to any major wrestling company: “Oh absolutely, without question. I’m one of the most skilled individuals that you could find in the business in terms of the fact that I think of myself or call myself a renaissance man in professional wrestling. I do a lot, I do everything. I’m an excellent professional wrestler, I can ring announce, I can commentate, I can manage of course, great promo skills. I mean there’s nothing in the business that I can’t do. I have a very great mind for the business. Not just for myself but for others as well, you know? I kind of get sparks of genius as far as my creativity for myself and for others and just conversing with other like-minded individuals so, there’s nothing that I can’t do. I’m a fantastic asset for any company out there and yeah, I’m pretty excited for what the future holds and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The future is very bright for an individual like me because I conduct myself with professionalism. I always have, I always will. I’m loved everywhere I go in locker rooms I’ve been in. I’m respected by my peers, I’m a great listener when it comes to bosses or producers or agents or whoever it may be and it’s nothing I can’t do, you know? I can pull off anything that’s given, presented to me and I have the utmost confidence in that and I’ve proved it on every single occasion every time I’ve ever performed, so I’m definitely a great asset and the future’s bright.”

Check out the complete interview below.


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