Backstage News On COVID-19 Screening Process For Fans At AEW FYTER FEST

Fans Allowed To Attend FYTER FEST: Step-By-Step List Of COVID-19 Safety Measures Taken By AEW

A step-by-step list of measures taken by AEW for a limited number of fans permitted to night one of the two-week FYTER FEST extravaganza has been posted online by one of the select few who was in attendance at the show this week.

A user on Reddit posted — and eventually deleted — a message about being one of approximately 60 non-crew individuals who were in the audience during Wednesday’s AEW FYTER FEST 2020 special.

The user detailed the steps the company took to minimize risks and do their best to ensure the safety of the performers working the event from exposure to the ongoing COVID-19 virus.

This individual noted that he was one of about 60 people who received a private invite to attend and once at the venue, was required to wear a mandatory face-mask in order to be permitted entry to the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida.

The fan also claimed that everyone had to sign waivers confirming that they had not been exposed to COVID-19. The 60 or so fans who were given entry to the venue to attend the show were never actually given Coronavirus tests, but instead simply had their temperature taken in an effort to at least screen any easily detectable signs of potential illness.

This, of course, was different than the pre-show screening given to wrestlers and other AEW staff and crew that worked the show. In the case of any AEW employees, they were all given actual COVID-19 tests before the show to ensure that they were not carrying the virus, and thus were not at risk at passing it on to anyone else working the show (as Taz pointed out during his semi-shoot promo about Jon Moxley during the show).

This also ensures from a liability standpoint that the aforementioned limited fan presence attending the event were not at risk at being exposed to the COVID-19 virus from one of the AEW talents working the show, as all tested negative if they performed on 7/1.

Once seated, the fan also wrote that there were considerable social distancing measures in place, including empty rows between the rows including fans, as well as several of the actual seats in between fans.

The audience at the FYTER FEST night one show on 7/1 also consisted of local Daily’s Place and Jacksonville Jaguars sponsors — along with some of their family and friends — that were invited to attend.

In this case, those spectators were specifically placed in seats in the very upper bowl of the open-ceiling Daily’s Place amphitheater venue, as they were also exempt from the COVID-19 tests, and the belief was that they were so far up in the stands that it would be virtually impossible for them to breathe or spit on anyone in-and-around the ring.

Individuals who were in the lower bowls or closer to the action near the ring were tested for COVID-19, and according to one source, AEW made a point to space those fans out beyond CDC guidelines.


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