Finn Balor Talks To Sports Illustrated

Finn Balor Explains Why He Didn’t Do The Demon Entrance At WrestleMania 34

Finn Balor recently spoke with the folks at Sports Illustrated to promote his new “For Everyone” t-shirt. As noted, 20 percent of the sales from each t-shirt sold will be donated to GLAAD. Featured below are some of the highlights from Balor’s S.I. interview.

On not being The Demon at WrestleMania 34, opting instead for a ring entrance that supports the LGBTQ community: “A lot of people maybe thought going into WrestleMania, ‘Well, if Finn’s not gonna be the Demon, it’s gonna suck. I think what we did at WrestleMania is a lot more important than any Demon could have been.”

On working on the idea for six months: “I feel like—not that they were excluded, but sometimes they felt like they weren’t included. That’s something I felt a responsibility for, to use the platform that I have for good and to help maybe a small amount of people for the right reasons.”

On Stephanie McMahon reaching out to him after his Instagram post with a rainbow colored version of The Balor Club symbol with the text, ‘BalorClub Is For EVERYONE’: “It’s crazy because it was kind of a couple months of me talking, then as soon as the right people heard it, it was almost instantaneously, ‘We gotta have this shirt out next week and we gotta talk to GLAAD ASAP and we’re gonna roll with it.'”

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