Finn Balor Talks Triple H Being In Charge Of The WWE’s Creative

Top WWE Star Finn Balor recently spoke with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjour on a number of topics such as Triple H being in charge of WWE’s creative and how Triple H is very hands on and easily accessible as well as how he feels that this new leadership is more of a collaboration and a compromise between the WWE Superstars and management.

Finn Balor said:

“We’ve obviously worked very closely together for a long time in both runs in NXT. For me, the most exciting thing is, it feels more like a collaboration working with this new leadership and certainly the availability to exchange ideas, and compromise, and come to an agreement on something, or just get a face-to-face explanation of what the direction is. The way things were set up before, there were many layers of management. Sometimes it was very hard to get a straight answer, or at least a straight answer in a short time which is needed for live television. I feel like now that maybe the channels of communication are a lot more direct for everyone. I feel like that has certainly helped people stress less about the direction and focus more on executing the ideas as opposed to the ping pong back and forth between all the different layers of management and creative writers and writer’s assistants and writers assistant’s assistants before you got an answer. Triple H is very, very hands on in that respect and very easily accessible. He’s really accessible before every show, so any kind of queries that you have can be dealt with very, very quickly and ironed out pretty smoothly.”

You can check out Finn Balor’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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