“Fire Braun Strowman” Online Petition Started After His Actions on Raw

— Well, if you need a good laugh heading into your weekend, here it is…a fan has started an online petition to fire Braun Strowman for his “brutal attack” on Roman Reigns on Monday’s Raw. The petition calls for WWE to fire Strowman effective immediately and to date, has over 2500 signatures.

To the WWE we the WWE Universe are not please with Strowman’s Actions tonight on Raw following his brutal attack on Roman Reigns. Me and a lot of the WWE Universe Want Strowman Fired effective immediately he crossed the line tonight following the attack on Roman and now Roman is in the hospital with injuries. If this is what you call Entertainment YOU Failed Miserably. I don’t care if he goes to SD Live We want him OFF of Raw or Fired from the WWE. I have been a fan of Raw for years and out of everything that I have seen happen this was by far the absolute Worst.

— For anyone out there who needs assurance, Roman Reigns got out of the ambulance before it was tipped over (you can actually see his shadow as he escapes) and he was also not on the stretcher that was pushed over the ledge. It was some nifty camera work in play.

— Strowman got wind of the petition and responded in character with:

I do what I want when I want and your stupid petition won’t change that!! #NoOneIsSafe #EveryoneWillFall #YourTearsHydrateMe

— Braun Strowman (@BraunStrowman) April 12, 2017

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