Foley Tells Critics Of Sheamus & Cesaro Finish To “Kiss My Arse”

The crowd in Indianapolis, IN didn’t sound pleased last night at the ending of Sheamus and Cesaro’s Best of 7 series at the Clash Of Champions pay-per-view. The match would have been the tiebreaker in the 3-3 series, but the referee deemed it a no-contest after a couple big bumps outside the ring. RAW personality Mick Foley took a moment on Twitter last night after the PPV to call out the fans who weren’t pleased with the result.

“Anyone claiming to be a wrestling fan, complaining about the finish of @WWESheamus @WWECesaro needs to take a moment to kiss my arse,” Foley wrote.

Foley praised Sheamus and Cesaro’s work last night while the show was still on the air, writing that he was impressed with the match not as the RAW GM but as a fan.

As noted earlier, neither man was injured during the match. Cesaro did have a very close call when he dove to the outside and landed awkwardly on his head.

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