Tommaso Ciampa

Former NXT Champion Already Benefiting From Triple H Leading WWE Creative

— Changes are happening quickly with Vince McMahon on the outs and Triple H heading up WWE’s talent and creative divisions and one benefactor may be former NXT champion, Tommaso Ciampa. reports that Ciampa, who is a Triple H favorite from his days in NXT, has already been the topic of discussion creatively to enhance his presentation on TV.

— Some of the changes that we may see, possibly as early as tonight on Monday Night Raw, is Ciampa being put in more matches that ultimately showcase his wrestling ability as well as discussions of him regaining his NXT theme/entrance. Ciampa for his part has received glowing reviews backstage for his demeanor, attitude and work ethic and how he’s made the most out of everything that has been presented to him creatively under the Vince McMahon’s previous regime.

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