Chris Hero

Former NXT Star On Working With CM Punk In The Past: “We Were Idiots”

Former NXT star Chris Hero recently appeared as a guest on “The Kevin Gill Show” podcast.

During the interview, Hero, who worked in NXT as Kassius Ohno, spoke about his past relationship with former WWE Superstar turned UFC/MMA hopeful Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

“Our very first match, because we were idiots and didn’t know how to read a crowd and we were just doing stuff that we thought was fun,” said Hero of Punk, who as seen in Punk’s past WWE DVD / documentary, worked with the Straight Edge mega-star well before he was a household name in WWE.

Hero continued, “And curtain to curtain we went like 50 minutes. Eventually we had a good match that was about 30. We had a tables and ladders match that tore up a building and that was around 50 minutes. Then we had a 60 minute draw. And eventually the legendary one: the two out of there falls, ninety minute time limit match.”

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