Vince McMahon

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon Puts All His Remaining TKO Stock For Sale

Vince McMahon continues his divestment from TKO stock, now offering all his remaining shares for sale. Alongside Nick Khan and Steven Koonin, McMahon filed with the SEC on Friday to make his shares available for purchase, totaling 8,021,405 shares. This move follows his recent sale of nearly 3.5 million shares earlier in the week, resulting in a profit exceeding $300 million.

It’s crucial to understand that McMahon’s decision to offer his shares for sale doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been sold yet; rather, they’re now accessible to the public for potential purchase, potentially yielding a higher profit. With the current market value of TKO stock, McMahon stands to gain over $786 million from the sale of these 8+ million shares. This action is part of his rapid conversion of shares into cash, likely driven by ongoing legal issues. In total, McMahon has amassed approximately $1.5 billion from his recent sales, signaling a definitive break from TKO and WWE, with little likelihood of his return.

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