Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Reveals His Current Weight

Buddy Murphy is packing on the pounds.

Earlier this week, the former 205 Live competitor, and WWE Cruiserweight Champion spoke to Fightful, where Murphy recalled his time in the cruiserweight division. Buddy also revealed his current weight, and told the site:

“When I watched wrestling, even at the start, I would see how big someone was to compare myself. ‘Oh, I’m almost his size.’ I think it’s to make us feel bigger because obviously we’re not…back in the day, they are these massive behemoth people. Obviously, the times have changed and it’s not like that anymore, but we still have to be above normal. If you’re saying, ‘Hey guys, I’m 180 (pounds)’ Well, I’m 200, which is a very average weight. You go to the gym and fitness is so much bigger now and a lot of people work out and they are all up there. I am lucky enough…the other day someone goes, ‘How much do you weigh?’ ‘212.’ ‘Man, you look a lot bigger than that.’ Great, but I’m not. I have very dense muscle and don’t hold a lot of water. Strong as hell though. SmackDown, we record on Friday and I was in a very bad cycle. I was 199, 200 pounds for a while because I would extreme diet from Monday to Friday just incase I was booked. Then, when I wasn’t booked, I would get depressed and binge eat. Then, when Monday hit, ‘Friday could be the day’ and I would extreme diet again. Friday, disappointment, binge. I was going through a bad cycle of depression eating. Now, since the weight came off and I don’t need to take my shirt off every Friday, I can gain and weight a little bit more and gain some size without going on TV and looking awful. WWE, their biggest thing, they need to fix (their lighting) because it’s terrible. I could look really good and as soon as I walk under those lights, everything is gone.”

Murphy received his release from WWE last month.

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