Serena Deeb Talks WWE PC Gig

Former WWE Diva Talks About Her New Job As WWE Performance Center Coach

Serena Deeb recently reported to the WWE Performance Center for her new job as a coach at the Orlando-based training facility.

During a recent interview with the official WWE website, Deeb, who used to perform in WWE as part of the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk and Luke Gallows, and later as a competitor in the first-ever Mae Young Classic tournament, spoke about gearing up for her latest chapter as a coach in WWE.

“To really step up into this leadership role, which is a new thing for me,” Deeb said. “I’m just looking forward to the set of challenges and rewards that are coming with this responsibility and getting to improve myself personally and professionally.”

Deeb continued, “I’m focused on how I can be a better person and a better coach. [I want] to give my best self to them so I can be a reflection of them and receive their best selves back. I think it’s so important for the individual, regardless of the role you’re in, to always be mindful of where you’re at and always take your self-inventory so you can garner the best side of them as well.”

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