Former WWE Manager On Cesaro Push: “We’ll Have To See Where This Leads Us”

Dutch Mantell was the most recent guest on SK Wrestling’s Smack Talk, where he discussed WWE Superstar Cesaro.

“The Swiss Superman” picked up a win over Seth Rollins, during night one of WrestleMania, but Mantell believes the push Cesaro is receiving is “8 years to late”. Dutch made a comparison to Daniel Bryan, and explained:

“Daniel Bryan is a whole case study unto itself because he’s a much better talker than Cesaro is… he came out with the Yes movement and all. Plus, didn’t Daniel have Kane to bounce off of? See, that kind of helped him. Cesaro just has himself. So we’ll have to see on that one because Cesaro, like I said, they’re 8 years too late with him. If they had tried this years ago it may have worked out better but now, who knows? Like I said, I can’t really read their minds. I don’t know what they’re gonna do. We’ll have to see where this leads us”.

Where do you believe the story is going? Could Cesaro be headed for a clash with “The Tribal Chief”?

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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