Former WWE Superstar Recalls His Time In The Cruiserweight Division

In a new interview, former WWE Superstar Sin Cara, aka Cinta De Oro, revealed that Vince McMahon was against him performing on 205 Live.

The one-time NXT Tag Team Champion joined WWE’s Cruiserweight division for a short time in October 2016, ahead of the first episode of 205 Live. Before the show debuted on the WWE Network, Sin Cara would be removed from the division, with little to no explanation.

During his conversation with UnSKripted, Cinta De Oro explained that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon thought he looked “too big” next to the other members of the division. De Oro told viewers:

“For me, I wanted to wrestle the ‘top guys’ in a sense, right?” Sin Cara said. “Being able to try and get the IC [Intercontinental] title, the Heavyweight title, and that was what I was looking forward to, but I never got the opportunity. With 205 Live, Vince said I looked too big for 205, so they only left me there for a couple of seconds and then they took me out.”

While competing as a member of the Cruiserweight division, Sin Cara appeared in five televised matches, before returning to the regular Monday Night Raw roster.

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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