Former WWE Superstars Reveal Advice They Had For Karrion Kross

On the recently released episode of Keepin It 100, Chase Parker and Matt Martel recalled their time in WWE, where they performed as Ever-Rise.

During the interview, Ever-Rise revealed the details of a conversation with NXT Champion Karrion Kross, ahead of his recent string of main roster dark matches. Check out their comments below.

Parker on advice he shared with Kross:

“I said this to Kross a couple weeks ago, because he had been doing dark matches, ‘None of this matters right now.’ In three weeks, you’ll beat Sheamus and be the champion and everything will be great.”

Martel on Kross losing during Monday Night Raw:

“To go back to a conspiracy theory, the tinfoil hat, here. They cut (Samoa) Joe, right? Then Hunter immediately signs him. In my mind, I’m like, maybe that pissed Vince off? Maybe he’s going to say ‘this is part of the rivalry.’ I don’t know. It’s a possibility.”

(Via Fightful)

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