5 NXT Superstars Get New Ring Names (6/3/2019)

Former WWE Tag Team May Have Secretly Been Re-Signed; Could Return to NXT Brand Soon

It seems that The Authors of Pain (AOP) along with their manager Paul Ellering might be gearing up for a return to the WWE ring, possibly within the NXT brand. According to a report from pwinsiderelite.com, there has been significant discussion in the past week regarding the tag team’s potential comeback, with the intention of making appearances for WWE. These discussions appear to have gained momentum recently, with backstage conversations taking place during the past 24 hours at an NXT event. It’s speculated that these appearances could occur in September. The AOP originally joined WWE in 2016 and were later released in 2020.

In addition, a report from fightfulselect.com has provided additional insight. This report suggests that The Authors of Pain might have been under WWE contract since 2022, before Vince McMahon’s return. The duo has also been noticed on internal travel lists on various occasions.

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