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Former WWE Wrestler Mandy Rose Talks About Her Release; Says She Was Hurt, Disappointed

— Former WWE NXT champion Mandy Rose (Amanda Saccomanno) appeared on the Tamron Hall talk show earlier this morning and discussed her WWE release in more detail.

  • She started off by saying that it’s been a crazy last few months for her but she is grateful and blessed for everything that has happened.
  • Hall then her title loss on NXT just prior to her release. Rose said that she didn’t know that she was going to drop the title but knew that anything can happen. She admitted being shocked at losing the belt but suggested she had an “inclination” that something was going to go down. She said that being a professional, when she was asked to drop the title, she had no reservations about doing it and was going to do what she was told.
  • When asked if losing the title was due to the material on her FanTime subscription site, Rose said that she was “never told that” but can’t talk too much on it as there was some “confidentiality” involved.
  • They talked about her content on FanTime and Mandy noted that everything she is posting is in the privacy of her own home and just giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes, whether it’s a photo shoot, her every day personal life or something else and she never felt anything was wrong with that or with what she was doing.
  • Hall asked her about reports that WWE warned her about the material she was posting and asked her to take it down. Rose admitted there was only one warning that came from WWE which she complied with but declined to discuss anything further citing a confidentiality agreement.
  • They talked some more about the content she was posting and what WWE posted of her, wondering if the company was being hypocritical. Rose said she can’t control what WWE does but stated that there was never any full nudity on her subscription site as she would never post anything that would harm her brand.
  • She was asked if she felt she was targeted by WWE and Rose said she doesn’t think she was. She was then asked if she felt she was wronged by the company. Rose said everything happens for a reason and she can’t say she was wronged, and that she chalks it up to a difference of opinion. She reiterated that she is grateful for everything that WWE gave her, but admitted that she was “very hurt” and “very disappointed” at being fired from her job. She said that on the drive home after getting terminated, lots of questions were going through her mind but ultimately she loved WWE, the platform that they gave her and she will forever be grateful.
  • Hall asked her if there could be a possibility or scenario where she returns to WWE. Rose said it’s possible, “never say never” and she’s not looking back at her time in WWE as something that it’s in the past and done with. She doesn’t know what her future hold but her fan site is still up.
  • She was asked if one of the conditions of her return to WWE was that she would have take down the FanTime site, what would she do? Rose said that it would have to be a conversation (between her and WWE) about that.
  • They talked about her making a million dollars on her subscription site. She confirmed that she earned that in two-and-a-haf weeks and it was a level of money that she would only earn in WWE on a long-term basis. She made more with her site than she was in the present with WWE. However, Rose was quick to also point out that money isn’t everything to her, but owning her brand and image is and having control over those is valuable. She now has complete brand and creative control of her character and can self-monetize while also having a direct relationship with her audience.

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