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Former WWE Wrestler Velveteen Dream Accused of Punching, Biting, Threatening Man

— Former WWE wrestler Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) is in legal trouble as reported last month, arrested in two separate incidents for multiple charges. In the first on August 20th, Clark was charged with battery and trespassing and TMZ has more details on what exactly went down.

— Clark is said to have gotten into a scuffle with a gym employee after being told to leave an area of the gym that was temporarily closed for cleaning. It is alleged that Clark then got into a physical altercation with the employee punching and biting the man. After being told about the closed off area, the employee claimed that Clark became “irate and argumentative” and was asked to leave but he escalated the matter and made death threats before hitting the man in the face. The two then got into a physical fight where the biting occurred. A second gym employee then intervened and broke up the fight.

— Officers then were called to the scene and after speaking to the men and noticing bite marks on the employee’s body in the “left chest near the left armpit”, decided to arrest Clark, who is pleading not guilty to the charges.

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