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Full WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 1, 2022 – Houston, TX


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 1, 2022): Toyota Center – Houston, TX


Welcome to Raw!

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us to Houston for Monday Night Raw. We get a few quick clips from SummerSlam.

In the Ring: Becky Lynch; Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch makes her way out to a nice pop, her right arm in a sling. It’s been reported she’ll be undergoing surgery for an injury. We’re then treated to clips from the Belair/Lynch title match that saw the returns of Bayley, Iyo Skye (Io Shirai) and Dakota Kai. We return to the ring with an emotional Lynch as the crowd cheers her on. “Houston, welcome to the big time!” She goes on to talk about giving her all in everything she does, as well as feeling lost after losing her title “but at SummerSlam, I finally remembered who the hell I am. And it ain’t in the fancy clothes, and it ain’t in the constantly need for glory and validation, no,” she continues, recalling that it’s all about the pursuit to be better today than yesterday and own her mistakes.”And so, when I separated my shoulder at SummerSlam–and that’s what it is–I had two choices. I could either give up or I could give it everything I had.” She then states she fought twenty minutes injured, and it was incredibly painful, but not as much as the realization that she had separated herself from reality. She reiterates her career goal: to create the best women’s division possible for all those who work their asses off in the back every damn week. Lynch states she knew she gave her best, but her best wasn’t good enough. “But I am reminded…I definite the match, I am not defined by any title–I define the title. And I will not be defined by any man. I define the man.” She gives credit and thanks to Belair for pushing her to be the B-E-S-T for the last year, the best that Lynch can be. “Bianca Belair, get your ass out here.”

Out comes the champ! Belair and Lynch embrace and Becky tells Bianca to hold down the fort, so to speak, til she gets back. The crowd loudly cheers Lynch as she leaves. Belair references the many times Lynch has offered to shake Belair’s hand but hit her with the other. She loses the crowd a bit as she goes on about acquiring a level of respect. Finally they come alive when she talks about gaining the respect of Becky Lynch (cheap name pop). She states she’s learned a lot from Lynch and will not be caught slipping, which is why she’s still our Raw Women’s Champion. “I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready and I stay ready for whoever.” She starts to address Bayley when we see a camera in the back. Bayley, Iyo Skye & Dakota Kai are shown beating Becky Lynch with a steel chair. The champ runs to the back but the heels have fled and officials are checking on Lynch and ending our segment.

Video: Brief United States Championship History

We get a video that shows the various different iterations of the strap as well as legendary title holders, ranging from Steamboat to Hart to Dusty to Bobby. The video gives the impression that they may be attempting to restore some prestige to the title.

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match I: AJ Styles vs Mustafa Ali vs the Miz

Styles, Ali and the Miz are out. The Miz has his ribs wrapped as well as his left wrist. We get various vignettes hyping Logan Paul and the Miz’s excellent SummerSlam match. The winner of this match will face the winner of a second triple threat match in our main event to determine the new number one contender for the United States Championship. The Miz immediately rolls out the ring as we get our ell, allowing Styles and Ali to briefly engage. Styles looks to attack the Miz outside but immediately regrets it. Ali avenges him, however, with a suicide dive. The Miz battles off both men and takes it back into the crowd, battling Styles in the corner as the crowd loudly chants “tiny balls.” Styles comes in and takes a turn fighting the Miz, countering a corner charge into a battle that ascends up the turnbuckles. The Miz shoves Styles off, only to have a recovered Ali attack and battle him in the corner! The Miz shoves Ali off, who back flips and right into a back drop suplex from Styles!

The Miz catches Styles with a seated Big Boot and then a kneeling DDT to Ali! The crowd again with “tiny balls” as the Miz delivers his famous It Kicks to Styles! Styles, Ali and the Miz clash again, with Ali missing with a diving attack. The Miz is dropped with a Pele Kick and Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm on Ali. The Miz, who slips to ringside, pulls Styles off. Styles throws the Miz into the commentary table–and Ali dives off the top turnbuckle to hit Styles with a Tornado DDT to the outside! Holy shit! Ali rushes to get the Miz in but is too slow to recover from the high-risk move. The Miz hits Ali with a Skull-Crushing Finale as he enters the ring! Ali’s down but the Miz’s injured ribs cost him precious seconds before covering! Ali gets the arm up just in time! The Miz and Ali battle again, with Ali hitting his 450 Splash on the Miz! Unfortunately, Styles has recovered just in time to catch Ali at the end of his splash and use Ali’s momentum to hit the Styles Clash to pick up the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the Number One Contendership Match, AJ Styles!

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins

After a quick segment backstage in which Sarah Schreiber quickly interviews Bayley/Sky/Kai and the Usos, we finally get the “Freakin'” one’s entrance. Commentary send us to clips from last Monday and SummerSlam, showing the savage beatings Rollins has given to Riddle, injuring the Original Bro. Finally Rollins speaks on the match, cackling and gloating about taking out Riddle. He “gives credit where it’s due” for Riddle showing up at SummerSlam despite not being cleared to wrestle and calling out Rollins, then states Riddle crosses “the stupid line”–the thin line between bravery and stupidity–“more times than I can count! But there’s a silver lining to all of this,” he continues, “Riddle has wanted so badly to be like his best bro Raannnndy…and now he’s on the shelf with a career-threatening injury just like Randy!” He cackles and the crowd boos. He then states he’s turning his attention to Roman Reigns for a good, quick pop until the Street Profits interrupt him!

Rollins demands their music and lights be shut down, and demands they do not say a word. “Don’t look at them (the crowd)! Stop it,” he snaps at the Profits as they play to the crowd, “stop it! Shut up,” he now yells at the crowd. The Profits have yet to say a single word. Rollins tells the Houston crowd that they’re used to watching losers like the Rockets all the time (boos galore) but he doesn’t want to spend time with the Profits who’ve lost to the Usos so many times that he’s lost count. Rollins states, “You guys suck so much as a tag team you should probably break up.” Ouch! Dawkins gets on the mic. “Hey, hold up. Didn’t we beat you to become world tag team champions?” Ford pipes in. “Oh wait, Dawks…isn’t this the same guy who got his ass whipped by Cody Rhodes when Cody Rhodes only had one boobie?” (Referring to his pec injury).

Rollins asks if they want a fight and states he’d love nothing more than to Stomp their skulls in but it’s not fair, two on one, so he tells them to come back another time when they split up. Dawkins asks Houston if they’d “like to see one of the Profits beat the crap out of Seth tonight?” The crowd cheers! Dawkins and Ford state they’ll figure this out a fair way–with a ref and a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who faces Rollins tonight! Ford jokes “this the only time (they are) going to see us separated!” They start the game but Ford drops his mic, drags a ref down to the ring and tries to enter. Rollins looks for a Stomp immediately but Ford dodges it. Rollins slips out, both men strip shirts, and we get the bell! Time for our second match without a break unless I”m delusional!

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Montez Ford

Ford quickly takes Rollins down and ascends the turnbuckles, but the veteran Rollins rolls out to avoid any chance of a quick upset. Rollins catches Ford exiting the ring and threatens a Pedigree but Ford dumps him over. Rollins enters the ring and attacks Ford as he enters, dropping him across the ropes. Ford rolls to the floor and Rollins pursues, pulling Ford into a cross body carry before charging him ribs-first into the ring post! The ref begins a count-out! Ford gets up at eight but collapses! Ford recovers quickly and slides in just at ten. Rollins unloads on a vulnerable Ford. The pace slows and Rollins resorts to working holds. Ford gets a spurt of offense in but fails to hold the lead as it disintegrates into a slugfest between both men! Ford catches Rollins with a big backhanded slap and a running clothesline off the ropes as he finally strings some offense together! Ford with a barrage of fists and kicks, followed by a step-up Enziguri and a Hulk-like flex. Ford with a standing Moonsault for a close cover!

Ford catches Rollins with a neckbreaker but the Visionary kicks out. The crowd is a bit quiet, but not for lack of effort by our Superstars. Ford and Rollins struggle in the corner as Ford looks to climb and Rollins attempts to block him. Rollins uses a small package to attempt a victory; a Superkick to a kneeling Ford fails to do the job, as well! We’re 52 minutes into our broadcast without a single commercial. Damn! Rollins posts up in the corner, taking a breather and working the crowd as he sizes Ford up for a Stomp. Ford dodges it and looks for a Superkick but Rollins catches the foot! Rolling Elbow from Rollins sets up a Buckle Bomb but Ford fights out of it! Ford with a middle rope springboard Tornado DDT that lays out Rollins for a close cover! Rollins gets a foot up on the ropes! Rollins misses with a Frog Splash of his own, and Ford attempts his skyscraper Frog Splash. Rollins dodges and hits his finisher to pick up the win! After the match, Rollins threatened another Stomp but Dawkins hit the ring to make the save.
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss vs Asuka

Our commercial-free trend continues as we pass the nine o’ clock hour. Bliss is out, followed by Asuka, both to nice pops. Asuka starts off in control with a flurry of strikes. Bliss looks to take her first lead, using Insult to Injury but Asuka dodges it and uses a low Roundhouse to rock Bliss. Asuka with another combination of strikes, then follows it up with a German Suplex and a corner attack. Asuka climbs up top when Bayley, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai hit the ring and attack both superstars!
Your Result, No Contest!

The Champ Makes the Save, Issues Challenge

Bayley and her crew start to destroy Asuka and Bliss. Belair hits the ring, chasing them off, and hops on the mic. She demands that she fight one of them tonight and Iyo Sky–formerly known as Io Shirai in NXT–seems to indicate from her. And, 66 minutes in, we get our first commercial break.

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match II: Dolph Ziggler vs Ciampa vs Chad Gable

Ziggler is out first, followed by Ciampa and Gable, who tells Houston they have a problem and demands they shoosh. Chad cuts a short promo on his way down to the ring. We get the bell and Ciampa & Ziggler go at it right away. Gable attacks Ziggler from behind and works with Ciampa, lightly, to double-team Ziggler. Both men stomp away at him; Ciampa restrains Ziggler for Gable to attack. The two continue their team-up, whipping Ziggler into the ropes and using a double-elbow strike to lay out Dolph. They keep calling Chad Gable “Master Gable;” but they do use Chad as well, so maybe it’s just a nickname. Gable finally turns his attention to Ciampa, stomping his face into the mat while yelling “A-Shoosh!” We go to break as Ciampa and Gable battle it out in a corner and Ziggler attempts to recover. Ciampa gets some time to shine and his offensive style is more akin to what we knew in NXT, and not so much the “generic henchmen” repertoire. This match runs long, through the break, and every man gets a decent stretch on offense. Our finish comes quick as every man looks to hit finishers on each other. Gable pulls Ziggler off Ciampa after hitting a Zig Zag and attempts to steal the win. Ciampa drops Gable with the Fairy Tale Ending and picks up the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the Number One Contendership Match, Ciampa!

Video Package: the Judgment Day’s Recruitment Policies

We get a video highlighting the formation of the Judgment Day, the eventual recruitment of Finn Bálor and TJD’s turn on Edge, their attempts to recruit Dominik Mysterio, and Edge’s return this past SummerSlam. We’ll hear from the Hall of Famer after this word from their sponsors.

In the Ring Promo: Edge Vows to Prevent the Judgment Day

The Rated-R Superstar (how else can I type the announcer’s puberty squeak when he said “star”?) makes his way out and gets a great welcome from the Houston crowd, which he thanks. “Because to e fair, for the last couple of months I’ve been a bit of an asshole. But that all changes now because now we both get what we want. I’ll keep this real simple.” He explains he created the Judgment Day to pass on knowledge to help under-utilized talent succeed. He states that he wanted to impart his thirty-plus years of career knowledge on Ripley and Priest. He addresses when they, alongside Finn, turned on him as he didn’t expect it and it’s rare to catch him off-guard. He then states it’s time to end what he created and puts them on notice that he is going to end the Judgment Day.

Backstage Interview: the Mysterios

The Mysterios are asked about Edge, and Rey thanks him (via interview) for helping him out. He addresses that they were former tag champs together and are bonded. Dom and Rey are wearing Eddie Guerrero-themed, Latino-Heat inspired new shirts (they’ll be up on the shop tonight). They then state they’re prepared for the Usos tonight. We go to break.

Singles Match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky w/ Bayley & Dakota Kai

Iyo Sky–formerly known as Io Shirai from NXT–makes her way out to her NXT music! Hooray! The champ is out next and both former NXT rivals start things off quick, with Sky taking an early lead as we head to a quick break not even a minute in! When we return from break, commentary informs us that Iyo’s been in control throughout the break. Belair attempts to rally; Sky sends her onto the middle rope and hits a double knee strike to the back of her shoulders. Sky stomps Belair in the corner as the ref counts a warning before she hits a Pendulum dropkick, covering for two. Belair starts her comeback moments later and looks for a cover on Sky after a back flip splash. Belair uses a scoop slam to drop Sky and climbs up top, only to be distracted by both Bayley and Dakota Kai. Sky strikes Belair and ascends the turnbuckles, executing a snap hurricanrana off the top for another close cover! The battle continues to the outside, where Sky looks for a diving hurricanrana on the champ.

Belair catches her mid-air and swings her into the barricade! Bayley and Kai sit on the apron, blocking her from taking it back into the ring. Asuka & Alexa Bliss hit the ringside to even up the odds! We go to break as all six women line up. The ref yells commands and Belair implies they’re chickens, leading Asuka to also do chicken-wings. Belair takes it into the ring and looks for a cover on Sky but only gets a two. Sky quickly rolls out the ring. Throughout the picture-in-picture break, we see Belair and Sky continue to battle back and forth, mostly grounded on the canvas, with each woman taking a turn to unload windmill fists into each other. Belair starts to rally near the end of the break and takes Sky to her feet before throwing her by her hair into the corner. The ref issues a warning. Belair rallies and limps over to the corner, positioning Sky on the top turnbuckle. Belair climbs the middle ropes and clubs Sky’s back as we return from break.

Belair finally fires off the Release Superplex! Belair covers Sky for two but Iyo hangs in there. Belair grabs Iyo’s foot; Sky attempts an Enziguri but Belair dodges and wags a finger. Belair locks up Sky from behind and three times, Sky fights her off with elbows. Belair attempts a roll-up, but Iyo counters with a strike. Sky hits a running knee to the vulnerable chest of Belair in the corner! Belair starts her comeback with a spinebuster, but Iyo gets her knees up just in time to immediately shut it down when Belair flips into the counter! The crowd chants “E-S-T” as Asuka and Bliss try to rally the champ. Belair with a big right to stagger Sky. The ref fails to notice Bayley’s attempted interference. Belair wraps up Sky from behind again but Iyo escapes and attempts to use the ropes to do a dirty pin. Bliss knocks Sky’s feet off the ropes, breaking the pin.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, Alexa Bliss and Asuka then enter the ring after exchanging words and all hell breaks loose! Bayley takes it to Asuka as Bliss and Sky battle in the corner. The women change partners and a small army of officials and refs hit the ring as all six women continue to brawl! The crowd loudly chants to let them fight, but the officials refuse to do so! Finally Jamie Noble and company get the six women separated and our match is a double-DQ.
Your Result, No Contest!

Triple-Threat US Contendership Match III: AJ Styles vs Ciampa w/ the Miz

The winner of this match will face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship at a future date (presumably in Cardiff). Prior to the match, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T joins commentary and gets a great pop from the Houston (aka hometown!) crowd. Ciampa and the Miz are already out and ready as Styles makes his entrance. As the bell rings, Booker T is asked his thoughts on Ciampa from the last few weeks and the HoF’er has nothing but praise for the NXT veteran. Ciampa takes an early lead and uses working holds to focus on Styles’ neck. Styles escapes and fires off a snap backbreaker, then rubs some feeling into his neck.

The crowd rips off a pro-Styles chant. Styles looks for a suplex but Ciampa floats over and sends Styles shoulder-first into the ring post! The Miz yells smack at Styles and the ref yells for him to back off. Ciampa with a knee strike to Styles, followed by a second on the apron! Ciampa re-enters the ring and attempts a quick cover, garnering a two. Styles rises and both men throw slow rights; Ciampa with a gut kick causes Styles to attempt a Pele Kick but Ciampa has it scouted! Styles manages to catch Ciampa with another backbreaker, however, and Ciampa rolls out of the ring where the Miz checks on Ciampa’s left eye for him. The action shifts back into the ring, where Styles whips Ciampa into the ropes and drops him with a perfect dropkick! Ciampa again rolls outside but this time, Styles follows it up with a springboard forearm to the outside, sending us to break!

When we return Styles starts his comeback, firing off his Styles blitz and ending with a key lock combination. Strikes pound Ciampa from every direction as Styles turns the entire ring into his weapon, driving the “Blackheart” into the mat for a close cover. Styles pulls Ciampa up and signals for the Styles Clash but Ciampa counters, hammering Styles with a forearm, a jumping kick and a facebuster for a close cover! Ciampa’s really getting time to shine tonight. Ciampa posts up in the corner, his feet stomping as he’s eager to take on Styles. Ciampa charges Styles; Styles counters with a roll up but instead of covering for the pin, Styles attempts to transition it into a Styles Clash! Ciampa escapes but Styles takes back control when he counters a suplex with one of his own. The Snap Suplex sends Ciampa’s body crashing hard into the corner and both men are down!

The crowd rallies behind Styles as he charges Ciampa in the corner. Styles fires off a Phenomenal Forearm but Ciampa counters it with a jumping knee to the face in mid-air! Ciampa counters! Ciampa covers for a close two! Ciampa with a Powerbomb Lungblower for another close call! We get replays of the Phenomenal Forearm counter; impressive height from Ciampa on a vertical jump! The Miz gives advice as Ciampa starts to comp away at Styles. Ciampa yells at Styles that he deserves this, and positions AJ on the top rope. Ciampa fires off chop after chop until Styles responds with a series of headbutts. Ciampa looks for an Air Raid Crash off the middle rope but Styles slips out and hits the Styles Clash finally! Styles is slow in covering Ciampa; the Miz puts Ciampa’s foot on the bottom rope and shows the ref, stopping the pin count!

Styles attacks the Miz, sending him over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. Ciampa attacks Styles from behind and sends him into the timekeeper’s area. Ciampa enters the ring and the ref starts his count-out. Styles attempts to crawl over the barricade but the Miz holds onto his leg, unseen behind the barricade! Styles manages to barely get free and enter the ring just in time–only to eat a Fairy Tale Ending! Ciampa covers, Ciampa wins!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender for the United States Championship, Ciampa!

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: the Usos(c) vs the Mysterios

After breaks and more stills and video from SummerSlam, we get our entrances. The Mysterios get a great welcome and commentary hypes the lengthy run of our current tag champs. We get our introductions and title presentation and start with Jey Uso and Rey Mysterio locking up. The Mysterios are on a roll right out of the gate, sending both Usos to the outside before Dom hits a suicide attack to drop them both. We go to a quick commercial break, picture-in-picture, and Rey takes the action inside as he throws shoulders into Jey’s gut. Rey stands on the middle rope and unloads a dozen rights to Jey then shimmies like Eddie Guerrero. Rey looks for a top rope attack but Jey kicks his leg out, trapping him in a a Tree of Woe. Jey stomps away at a vulnerable Rey then drags him to the Uso corner, where Jimmy tags in and starts to stomp away at the legendary cruiserweight. The Usos maintain control for the remainder of the break and utilize frequent tags to isolate Rey from Dom as we return from break.

Rey breaks free and scurries across the mat but Jey grabs Rey and drags him back into the corner. The Uso slow the pace, spending as much time gloating and talking smack as they do slowly beating Rey. Jey hits a brutal running hip attack to Rey’s face against the middle turnbuckle and covers for two. Jey tags in Jimmy, who fails to contain Mysterio. Rey sends Jimmy skull-first into the ring post with a loud thud, and finally gains some separation! Dominik Mysterio comes in for the first time tonight! Dom uses a springboard cross-body to drop Jimmy and follows it up with a pair of elbow strikes. Jey enters and Dom hit shim with a neckbreaker, then Jimmy with one as well for another close cover! Dom with another facebuster and attempts a 6-1-9, but Uso escapes to the outside. Dom attempts a springboard attack to both on the outside but they’ve got it scouted and send the youngster into the floor hard, sending us into another break!

Throughout the break, the Usos continue their tactic of quick tags to isolate the younger Mysterio this time. Dom takes a beating from both Usos as the champs are completely in control. Dom attempts to tag in Rey at one point but Dom’s fingers are just mere inches away! We return from the break as Jimmy sets up a middle-rope Samoan Drop for Dom. Dom throws elbows to fight out of it and fires off a Tornado DDT, which seems to be as popular a move tonight as me saying “fires off” as a phrase, eh? Both men are down. Rey finally gets the hot tag–Jey, too–and drops Jey with a seated Senton off the top. Rey looks for a springboard cross-body on Jey but Jey catches him mid-air with a Superkick for a close cover of his own! The crowd rallies behind Rey as he finds himself one-on-two with the champs. The Usos look for the 1D but Rey has it scouted and sends Jey out of the ring! Rey positions Jimmy and tags in Dom; together they hit a double-619! Dom hits a Frog Splash and covers for one, two…no! Jimmy just breaks the count at the last second and the crowd boos loudly!

Rey and Jey battle outside the ring as we start to work towards our ending. Dominik hits a suicide dive to Jey outside the ring, wiping him out. Dom seems perhaps injured and climbs into the ring and up the turnbuckles slowly. Jimmy intercepts him and hammers him with fists. Both men position on the top turnbuckle and the top of the ring post. Jimmy looks for a Superplex but Dom fights him off! Jimmy and Dom slug it out on the top. Dom jumps off the top and sets up Jimmy for a 619. Dom fails to see Jey make the tag as he streaks off for the 619. Jey comes in and intercepts, the Usos hit the 1D, and they pick up the win, barely escaping with their titles! Great match.
Your Winners and STILL Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the Usos!

After the Match: the Judgment Day Attack; Edge Retaliates

The Judgment Day attack Rey and Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Balor demolish the Mysterios. Edge hits the ring to make the save! Edge sends Rhea and Damian scattering then sets up Finn for a spear. Finn steps out of the way and Rey watches as Dom eats a spear! Commentary inform us that Rey might not be sure that Edge didn’t mean to spear his son. Okay. WWE Medical Staff hit the ring to check on Dom and Rey kneels over his son as he sells the spear and we end our program.

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