Gail Kim Appears On Main Event Radio

Gail Kim On Legacy She Leaves The Wrestling Business, Netflix’s GLOW Series

As noted, Gail Kim recently appeared as a guest on Main Event Radio for an interview. Below are some additional highlights.

On the legacy she left the pro wrestling business: “When I look back at my career I am so satisfied with everything that I accomplished. Helping to create the women’s division in Impact Wrestling. At the time, women’s wrestling was essentially dead. People within the business who were females would say to me that they don’t want to see women’s wrestling, that it’s a bathroom break. I would get angry and I feel that we proved them wrong. We brought in a great group of girls and it was a success. For me it’s kind of a personal satisfaction that women can be as good as the guys and we can draw. It’s a nice feeling to know that we can do that. We’ve got the backing of the people we work with and the fans. I can walk away from the business knowing that I did something meaningful.”

On getting involved with the Netflix GLOW series: “I heard about GLOW, but I found out a little too late. I kind of made a run of getting a role training the actresses to show them how to wrestle. I heard Kia auditioned and she got the role, and she stole the show. I was blown away, she was so good. I told her ‘Girl, you’re an actress, you run with that because you’re a natural.’ For Season 2, Chavo [Guerrero] had the producers bring in myself, Torrie, Victoria, and Candice Michelle to talk to the producers to give them stories about what it was like to be a woman on the road.”

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