Gangrel Reveals The Reason He Never Won A WWE Championship

Former WWE Star and pro wrestling veteran Gangrel had a conversation with Ten Count’s Steve Fall on a variety of topics such as the reason he believes he never won a WWE Championship when he was supposed to back in 1999.

Gangrel said:

“I know for a fact I was supposed to win that night, but there were some disciplinary actions and I was innocent, but I got caught up in the middle of some stuff and it didn’t happen. Big scandal where somebody, I don’t know who it was, a backstage guy, he was taping people trying to sell him a bunch of steroids or something like. It was this big thing. Everybody had to get disciplined that even went in there and met with the guy. I happen to be one of the guys who was in there even though I didn’t do anything or whatnot, but I just got caught up in all that. That was weird stuff. I was just caught up in the wrong group. I could honestly say that it did cost me winning the European title that night.”

You can check out Gangrel’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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