Gisele Shaw On Charlotte Flair: “Come At Me”

Ahead of her match for the vacant PROGRESS Women’s Championship at Saturday’s Chapter 111 event, Gisele Shaw spoke to Inside The Ropes, where she discussed her past attempt at claiming the title. ‘The Quintessential Diva’ competed at the PROGRESS Chapter 102 show, where she competed against then-Champion Jinny, as well as Dani Luna in a triple threat match. Gisele explained why this time will be different, and even mentioned who she plans to defend the title against, if she defeats Kanji. Check out the highlights:

On her change in attitude between 102 and 111:

“Well, the difference between the Gisele then and now is I was nice then. Obviously, the world went into hiatus, fine, but that’s not my fault when the company forgets about me. The difference is now I’m going to make sure that nobody forgets about me. You can’t just push me to the side and pick up someone else and say ‘You know what? We’re done with you.’ No! I get to say when I’m done with you, not the other way around.”

On who she’d like to defend the title against if she wins:

“I’ll defend it with whoever, anywhere, any time. And specifically, I did call out Charlotte Flair yesterday at The Bump because she walks around saying she’s ‘The Queen’. Well, you know what? I am ‘The Quintessential Diva’ and she’s never been to PROGRESS. She says she’s the best of the best. You know what? Come at me and try and take this belt away from me.”

(H/T and transcribed by ITRWrestling)

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