Glacier On Criticism Over His Infamous WCW Character, Backstage Reaction

Former WCW character Glacier (Raymond M. Lloyd) recently spoke with the folks at False Start about his pro wrestling career. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On getting his big break in WCW: “You never know when your break’s going to come, and you never know how your break’s going to come. Do any of you guys think I used to walk around dreaming of wearing a half-mask and armor?”

On how he felt he would be received behind-the-scenes for debuting with such a big push: “Man, I’m going to have so much heat in the back. Here I am, to most people on the national level, a no-name, and I’m coming in and I’m getting this entrance that’s the biggest and most elaborate thing that’s ever been in wrestling.”

On the criticism he received about his infamous Glacier character: “Does it affect me? I wouldn’t be human if it didn’t a little bit. But here’s the thing, man—Google any wrestler’s name and then ‘worst gimmick.’ Almost always, something will come up where somebody doesn’t like who they were. You have your fans and your critics. You’ve got to have thick skin in this business, period, but think about it: it was a video-game character. Not everybody was going to like that.”

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