Bill Goldberg vs. The Undertaker Update

Goldberg Reveals Which WWE Superstar He Would Return To Face

It looks like there is still one opponent that Bill Goldberg would come out of retirement to face inside the squared circle.

The WWE Hall Of Famer recently spoke with the folks from Inside The Ropes for an interview and revealed that if a match against The Undertaker were to present itself, he might have to get back inside the ring one more time.

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” Goldberg said. “I would like to have it if it came available and it was right and people wanted it I’m still capable of doing it.

Goldberg continued, “Becuase once I sit here and say it’s a match I’d like to have that means I’m asking for it — I’m not asking for anything — I’m just saying if the cards fell right I wouldn’t say no.”

From there, the former WWE Universal Champion went on to talk about his relationship and history outside the ring with “The Dead Man.”

“I’ve been friends with Taker — Mark Calloway for 100 years,” Goldberg explained. “I knew Mark back when he was bouncing in Atlanta while I was playing football with The Falcons — at Georgia, excuse me — not The Falcons. He and I have been friends, acquaintances for a long time. I’ve always looked up to him man, he’s Taker. What he’s meant to the wrestling business in WWF, WWE, to all the kids and fans — he’s a legend. Anytime you’re around the guy or you’re lucky enough to be in the ring with the guy it’s cool as hell.”

Goldberg also addressed the one time the two did have a moment inside the ring while building to their respective matches at WrestleMania 33.

“We teased you with something,” Goldberg explained. “The problem with that is that sometimes we’re not able to deliver and ultimately give people what they want. I’m not at WWE anymore, we never had an opportunity — other than that staredown — to look at each other in the ring in that setting. So it’s probably never gonna happen and I’m not saying that because, you know I’m setting you guys up to knock one out of the park. I’m not sitting here going, ‘Man I can’t wait until Vince calls me so I can get Taker’s ass.’ It was bittersweet that night because I knew that there wasn’t a payoff for that.”

Check out more from the Bill Goldberg interview with Inside The Ropes below.

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