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Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura Says He Is Negotiating With WWE

Jesse Ventura is in negotiations with WWE for a WWE Legends contract.

The WWE Hall of Fame legend revealed the news during a recent WABC 77 Radio interview with Frank Morano.

“I’m back negotiating with them,” Ventura said. “We’re in talks right now. In fact, I have contracts with my attorney right now with the WWE. And I can only say that that’s happened because of the change of direction in the company. We don’t know right now fully [what his role would be]. They want to bring me back under their Legends. You know, I’m an old guy now and you’ve got to have the legends. And, hell, if you go back to WrestleMania I, there ain’t too many of us alive anymore. It’s true. Look at — Roddy’s gone, Orndorff’s gone, Andre’s gone, John Studd’s gone. You start going down WrestleMania I and you’ve got more gone — Junkyard Dog’s gone. The list goes on and on. There’s Hogan, myself, and Tito, and a couple more, we’re the only ones left.”

Ventura continued, “The door is, you know, we’re talking right now about me having some — you know, I’m getting older. I mean, I’m in my 70s now. And I guess I’d just like to open up the door at the end in the wrestling career and see what’s still left there. And it ain’t like I’m going to go back on the mic, because, if I could be honest with you, I don’t even know who wrestles there anymore.”

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