Harper Says He Felt Like A “Back-Up Dancer” In The Wyatts, Wants “No Holds Barred” Match

WWE SmackDown star and former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast where he discussed leaving Bray Wyatt’s side, among other topics. Harper says he doesn’t miss playing second-fiddle to Harper, but is disappointed he’s not on the WrestleMania card yet.

Harper says he felt like a “back-up dancer” for a “strong among of time,” and grew frustrated with not being able to showcase his skills. “For a performer like me, that’s hard to take and hard to deal with and I thought that the coming out party of the last six weeks was very eye opening and, ya know, showed me what was out there,” he said.

While he’s excited about going solo, the former Intercontinental and Tag Team champion says he feels “bitter” about not being on the biggest pay-per-view of the year. When asked about what his WrestleMania dream match would be, Harper indicated he would want something more violent than what Vince McMahon currently allows on his programming.

“It would probably be a three-way dance between me, Bruiser Brody, and Terry Funk in a “No Holds Barred” match,” Harper said. “And maybe Vince [McMahon] isn’t watching. So we can do some real crazy stuff.”

You can listen to Harper’s whole interview on Gorilla Position.

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