Heath Slater Appears On The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling

Heath Reveals He Still Has A Year Left On His IMPACT Wrestling Contract

Top IMPACT Wrestling Star Heath recently spoke with Jim Varsallone from the Miami Herald on a variety of topics such as how the atmosphere in IMPACT is fun and loose as well as how the company listens to your ideas and you can express yourself and have fun doing that.

Heath said:

“The whole atmosphere at IMPACT is fun and loose to where you don’t really have to walk around on glass and eggshells. You can literally breathe, relax, have a good time, and crack up. But, I like the fact that at IMPACT, they listen to your ideas. You can be you, you can express yourself, and you can have fun doing that.”

Heath also spoke about how he still has a year left in his current IMPACT Wrestling contract and that he is excited for what’s to come.

Heath said:

“That’s the main part that I love about IMPACT, they get behind you and your ideas, and still, I feel like the best is still to come because I still got a year on my contract with IMPACT. So I just feel like I’ve just begun right now. There’s still a lot for me here and for me to do so I’m excited more about this coming year than I have been this last year.”

You can check out Heath’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.

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