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Heath Slater Writes About Wanting Opportunity In WWE To “Do Things His Way”

13-year wrestling veteran and longtime WWE Superstar Heath Slater recently took to social media to post an interesting blog.

Slater, who is currently in a tag-team with Rhyno, wrote a post on his official Instagram page this week essentially publicly asking WWE for a chance to “do things his way” before his career comes to an end.

“I got signed with WWE when I was 22 years old,” wrote Slater on his Instagram page earlier this week. “I’ve been through Deep South, Florida Championship Wrestling and The Foundation of WWE NXT I’ve been in faction after faction and tag team after tag team, none of them actually went the way I hoped.”

Slater continued, “I just hope that one day before this is all over that I can do things my way. And as a grizzled young vet in the business, I hope that time comes sooner than later. #deepsouthwrestling #floridachampionshipwrestling #nxt #nexus #corre #3mb #socialoutcast #slatergator #13yearcareer #wantapieceofthepie #dangerously #underrated.”

Check out Heath Slater’s Instagram post below.

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