Heyman’s Influence on Reigns Promo; News on Possibilities for Heyman

— Paul Heyman continues to be heavily involved in the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar storyline.   Reigns opening promo had “Heyman’s fingerprints all over it” with the references to UFC, Daniel Cormier and the “my bitch” line.  

— While the angle on Raw teased an idea that Brock Lesnar has broken up ties with Paul Heyman, it could be a way for Heyman to remain with the company after Lesnar leaves, perhaps by costing Brock the match.  Of course, with WWE it could also just be a major swerve.

— Vince McMahon and Heyman, who is largely responsible for a lot of Brock’s programs, always “look to surprise” people with Lesnar storylines and finishes every time he wrestles.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information & prices available at f4wonline.com

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