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HHH On WWE Interest In Conor McGregor, Tweets Funny McGregor-McMahon Clip

WWE Executive and on-air performer Triple H spoke with “The Telegraph” while the two were in attendance at the UFC 205 event headlined by Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez this past Saturday evening at Madison Square Garden in New York City and spoke about WWE’s interest in the first fighter in UFC history to hold two world titles at the same time.

“He could come over, he’s got it all, man – he’s got the personality, the skills, the talk. He’s an entertainer, for sure,” Triple H said. “What does he walk around at? 180 pounds? I have smaller guys now in the WWE. We have 200 pound guys who are stars. You don’t need to be 300 pounds any more.”

In a nice touch, Triple H, who as pro wrestling fans will attest, knows how to play “The Game,” particularly the behind-the-scenes political game, gave the perfect example to help emphasize the fact that smaller guys can be featured in a major way and a legitimate way despite their size, as he referenced the Floyd Mayweather match from WrestleMania 24.

For all of you non-WWE fans, the match saw Mayweather, a 147 pound boxing champion defeating the seven-foot, five hundred pound Big Show on the biggest stage the profession has to offer.

“He could do just as well as Floyd Mayweather when he fought the Big Show,” said Triple H. “That really worked. Conor could do it for sure.”

The only thing missing was for “The Game” to then conclude by questioning to himself out loud: “I wonder if he could break the records ‘Money’ Mayweather set that night?”

Additionally, Triple H posted the following GIF on Monday afternoon, which shows Conor McGregor doing Vince McMahon’s infamous “Power Walk,” complete with the over-the-top, purposely arrogant flailing arms. The GIF shows Vince McMahon doing his trademark walk down the ramp on WWE television and then cuts to “The Notorious” one doing the same walk, which he has done on several occasions in the past while directly referencing the fact that it’s the Billionaire Strut, giving the tip of the cap to WWE’s longtime promoter.

Check out the complete interview with Triple H where he discusses WWE’s interest in Conor McGregor at

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