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Highlights From Recent Cameron Grimes Interview

Cameron Grimes recently appeared as the guest on Corey Graves After The Bell podcast, and discussed a number of topics. During the interview with Graves, Cameron spoke about stocks, and shared a few pretty wide words. Grimes explained:

“I got into the stock market a little over a year ago,” said Grimes. “Stocks, to the moon is a big thing because everybody wants money, and everybody wants to put money in something and watch that money go to the moon. So then I just started using it….This isn’t a character thing at all. I was a low-income fanboy, I never had any money. So when I started to make money and I put it into my savings account, I noticed interest rate on your savings account is just awful.”

Grimes continued to talk about making money through stocks, and explained how he became “a millionaire”. The NXT star told Corey:

“It was crazy, they say you’re invested [in stocks] but really, once you put your money into it, you’re invested. And all the sudden, I’m looking at stock videos on YouTube like I was watching Ring of Honor in 2008, like I was into it. And then I got lucky, and GameStop and all these things kinda blew up, and next thing you know, I’m a millionaire.”

Cameron began to talk about finding his current character on NXT TV, and taking more of a liking to cutting promos. Grimes told ATB:

“I like to believe I’m a comedian [laughs] but I didn’t know how to translate that to the audience. So then I just started practicing in front of the audience and it’s the best way I could have done it. I did a couple times, I did some stand up stuff in my local town just to try to get more comfortable in talking on the mic and before I knew it, I had lost my mind and I was just saying whatever I was feeling that night and people started to kind of laugh with it and started to get along with it. And before I knew it, I just wanted to talk more than I was actually wrestling.”

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(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)

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