Homicide Talks CM Punk, Reflects On Daniel Bryan Rivalry In ROH

The legendary Homicide was the latest guest on the ROH Strong podcast to discuss a variety of different topics, including how he still constantly speaks to former WWE champion CM Punk, and how his feuds with Daniel Bryan in ROH showed that he could do a technical style and Bryan could brawl. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he still talks to CM Punk a lot and that Punk never forgot where he came from:

“CM Punk, he did that [inside joke on Twitter] with Samoa Joe and that’s one of the guys I was telling you like never forget where you came from. Punk is really like that. He never forgot where he came from. The guy still calls me to this day. So, very, very happy with his success. I hope he does good in the future, let’s see what happens. I hope a unit comes with me and Joe and Punk.”

On his ROH feud with Daniel Bryan:

“Two different styles, but of course a lot of people really don’t know I can do technical styles. But the world of Ring of Honor and the fans’ eyes who doesn’t know, it was two completely different styles and I enjoyed it. I also bring that fire to Daniel Bryan, because Daniel Bryan to me, he reminded me of no flavor in your ice cream. He was just vanilla, no chemistry, no nothing. People say he was boring. He was just pure, great wrestler. He was like Steven Regal without the British accent or whatever or Bob Backlund, you know? So you gotta give him a little flavor. Now put a little color to his craft and I think me and other people, we put that little color on his style and I think it’s more of the confidence and charisma level just come out. I could be wrong but I really think he was very blah and I’m the one that brought that little flavor and more [intensity]. When he wrestled me, it was really one of those like, ‘Okay, I’m wrestling one of the top dogs. I need to step up my game’ and he sure did. He’s one of the greatest guys. He’s another one that should be in the [ROH] Hall Of Fame. But the American Dragon, he’s a phenomenal technical wrestler and he proved to me he could brawl.”

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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