How Much are Vince & Linda Worth?

— In a joint filing, Vince and Linda McMahon reported a family worth betwen $938 million to $1.1 billion, with most of it in stock and real estate. They had to make this filing as a result of Linda being the head of the Small Business Adminstration.

— The couple also indicated that they own an $8 million home in Greenwich, CT, a $3 million penthouse in Stamford, about $12 million in cash located across ten different bank accounts under Vince’s name, $25-$50 million in a Morgan Stanley money market account and finally, $782 million in WWE stock.

— Additionally, they own properties in New York, Las Vegas and Boca Raton and they also revealed that they are owed somewhere between $5-$25 million in loans by an unnamed family member.

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