Hulk Hogan Appears On Booker T's Podcast (4/23/2019)

Hulk Hogan Addresses His Infamous 2015 Comments, Grateful For Being Forgiven

Hulk Hogan was a recent guest on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast where the “Immortal One” opened up about this horrific racist remarks made in 2015 that got him fired from the WWE. Hogan calls himself an idiot and blames nobody but himself for the comments he made.

Well I mean that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. People can say a word or make a mistake and that doesn’t mean that’s who they are. Ya know? The people that keep bringing it up and keep pushing it forward…those are the people I worry about. For me…it was a brilliant delayed reaction. I mean..that’s kind of like…why I asked you. I had said…used the word…and it was now going on almost 13 years ago.

Hogan continued…

It was said in 2006, and I was made aware of it about five years ago. To tell you the truth I don’t remember that conversation, but that definitely was me, and I definitely said it, and I mean…total idiot. Totally out of control bad situation. There’s a million excuses for it, but it was me I said it. I’ve tried to be accountable for it.

He would then talk about his gratitude that so many forgave him, including his closest friends, and of course, the WWE Universe.

The hardest part was trying to explain to people that didn’t know me, and some people only knew me because of that. That was the hardest part. Trying to explain to people who didn’t know me who I really was. There’s a lot of people now that I’ve apologized to on several different levels and several times, and there’s still some people that the jury is still out. It’s been a really tough time, but a lot of people are very forgiving, and a lot of people are understanding. I’m just grateful now that my friends never left me, and the fans never left me, and a lot of the people that don’t know who I really am I’ve had an opportunity to speak to as many as I can, and try to not make an excuse but be accountable and say ‘yeah it was me I did it, but that’s not who I really am.’

Full podcast can be found here. 


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