Hulk Hogan Back in Talks with WWE Regarding Potential Return

– One of the reasons WWE may break off Enzo & Cass is because the company sees Cass as a future major star, due to his size and the fact that he isn’t bad on the mic either. WWE teased a breakup a few months ago but was nixed before anything significant happened, however, with the Hardys now around as the babyface tag teams, the split and Cass heel turn may indeed be ready to happen.

– To further put Raw’s brutal 1.75 rating on Monday into perspective, there was a Raw show in October of 1996 that went up against WCW Nitro, an NFL game and the MLB playoffs that did a 1.78 and only one episode of Nitro in history – December 11, 2000 – did lower than the 1.75 Raw got on Monday.

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