Hulk Hogan Talks To Sports Illustrated

Hulk Hogan Explains Why Kenny Omega Needs To Go To WWE

Hulk Hogan recently spoke with the folks from Sports Illustrated for an interview where he spoke at length about top independent pro wrestling superstar Kenny Omega. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On Kenny Omega’s ability to switch gears inside the squared circle: “Kenny Omega is a different animal, he’s just such a special talent. He’s already a worldwide star. You have to know how to switch gears, and Kenny understands how to work the Japanese style, the American-Japanese style, and the American style.”

On having the type of fan base that would make a transition from Japan to WWE easier: “Speaking from my own experience, when I wrestled there, I could have just stayed in Japan, never came to the United States, and my career would have been fine. Kenny can do the same thing, though I think the transition is going to be a little easier with him. People in America can pretty much watch, in real time, see his matches in Tokyo.

“The momentum he is building in Japan only adds to how big a star he could be here in the States. He is built up to headline Wrestle Kingdom, which he’s already done, or WrestleMania. He already has years of TV exposure, so he’s familiar to the domestic audiences here in the States, and you could put him in the main event of next year’s WrestleMania.”

On why his story won’t be complete if he doesn’t go to WWE: “Would I love to see him go to the WWE? Yes. Would I love to see him be used correctly? Yes. If he ever got lost in the mix, it would be a sad, sad story. But if there is a chance to sign him, Vince McMahon could be the guy to take him to the next level. If you don’t touch on the WWE, your story is not complete. But rules are made to be broken, and Kenny is such a big star that he could be the one to change all that. Kenny is such a big star that he doesn’t need to sign in New York, but it would complete the story if he went and dominated and had a hell of a run in WWE.”

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