Hulk Hogan Talks To TMZ Sports

Hulk Hogan Says He Should Apologize To All Wrestlers Before Returning To WWE

As noted, Hulk Hogan was at the Los Angeles premiere of HBO’s new Andre The Giant documentary on Thursday, where he met with several WWE Superstars and personalities.

While at the premiere, Hogan spoke with TMZ Sports once again about a potential return to WWE.

At first, “The Hulkster” responded with a quick joke about Triple H, before taking the question seriously.

“Yeah, we established what everybody already knew,” said Hogan. “I challenged Triple H [and] he’s afraid of me.”

From there, Hogan got serious.

“Oh, I don’t know. We were all talking about Andre [The Giant] last night.”

After that, Hogan was asked about Mark Henry claiming he should have to apologize to all black wrestlers before a WWE return is even considered.

“I just heard [Henry] make a comment on TMZ about it and that I should apologize,” said Hogan. “I totally agree, but not to black wrestlers, to all wrestlers. Yeah, what I said was way out of line, I’m forever sorry for that, but I never heard Mark Henry say that, he’s my boy, man.”

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