Hulk Hogan Appears On FOX News

Hulk Hogan On WWE Erasing His History, Being Unsure If He’ll Ever Return

As noted, pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan appeared on FOX News’ “OBJECTified” program this past Sunday and spoke about his “N-Word” tape leak controversy, the Gawker trial and more.

In addition to the highlights we posted earlier this week, “The Hulkster” also addressed his 40-year career ending in the blink of an eye and whether or not he would entertain a return to WWE.

“It was tough, it hit me hard,” Hogan said of WWE essentially erasing him from their history. “I’ve been through a lot of high’s and low’s. When you look at a 40-year career, it’s just gone.”

While many have assumed that Hogan could potentially re-appear before the WWE Universe after enough time passed, Hogan noted that not only does he not know if WWE would ever open their doors to him again, when asked outright if he would entertain a return to the company he said, “I don’t know.”

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