IMPACT! Against All Odds Results – June 9, 2023 – Columbus, OH

Before Against All Odds gets underway, the action begins on Countdown to Against All Odds.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion KiLynn King w/ Taylor Wilde vs Nevaeh

Nevaeh is dumped to the outside. King distracts the referee, allowing Wilde to get in a cheap shot on the outside. Back in the ring, Nevaeh fights back with swinging neckbreaker for two. King turns the tide with a modified Facebuster. King hits a pinpoint kick to the head, followed by the King’s Curse to win.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion KiLynn King w/ Taylor Wilde def Nevaeh

oVe vow to “take over everything” in their Ohio Street Fight against The Design tonight.

Before the next match begins, Joe Hendry pokes fun at Dirty Dango with his latest music video, calling him a “divas reject”.

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry vs Dirty Dango – Digital Media Championship

Director of Authority Santino Marella joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary. Dango gets in Marella’s face but that allows Hendry to take control with a neckbreaker on the floor. Dango delivers a thumb to the eye while the referee’s back is turned. Hendry gains momentum with a running cutter, followed by a Fallaway Slam. Dango almost puts him away with a Falcon Arrow. Hendry avoids Down and Dirty, then hits the Standing Ovation to win.

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry def Dirty Dango – Digital Media Championship

Against All Odds is on the air.

Frankie Kazarian vs Eddie Edwards

Kazarian gains the early advantage with a side Russian leg sweep off the ropes. Edwards distracts the referee as Alisha rakes the back of Kazarian on the outside. Moments later, Alisha gets involved again as she chokes Kazarian on the middle rope. Kazarian attempts a springboard leg drop but Edwards cuts him off in mid-air. Edwards dives through the ropes, taking him out on the outside. Edwards is perched on the top but Kazarian sends him toppling to the floor. Back in the ring, Kazarian successfully hits the springboard leg drop for two. Edwards bounces back with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall of his own. Kazarian has Edwards beat with a Piledriver but Alisha puts his foot on the bottom rope. The referee catches her in the act and ejects Alisha from ringside. Kazarian counters the Tiger Driver into a pinning predicament to win.

Frankie Kazarian def Eddie Edwards

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Nick Aldis, Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham and Heath ahead of the first-ever 8-4-1 match tonight. They must work together but when it comes down to it, only one can become #1 Contender for the IMPACT World Title.

Before the match begins, The Good Hands and their new mentor, Brian Myers, declare victory in their upcoming IMPACT World Tag Team Title opportunity.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler) w/ Brian Myers – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Austin chases Hotch around the ringside area. Skyler makes the blind tag and takes out Austin from behind. The Good Hands hit Austin with a join side Russian leg sweep for two. Skyler and Hotch cut off the ring and employ quick tags, preventing Austin from making the tag to his partner. Austin creates separation to the back of Skyler’s head. Austin drives him face-first into the mat, then makes the tag to Bey. The pace quickens as Bey hits a dropkick senton combo to both of his opponents. Bey spikes Hotch with Code Red for a very close near fall. Austin inadvertently kicks his own partner but it’s not enough for Hotch to put him away. Hotch launches Austin through the ropes as he collides with Myers on the outside. Skyler spears Austin on the apron, followed by a step-up Moonsault from Hotch. Bey is next to fly as he soars over the top rope into both of The Good Hands. The referee is distracted as Myers cracks Austin with the title belt. The Good Hands hit the Magic Killer on Austin but somehow, someway, he kicks out at two. Austin launches Hotch into a cutter from Bey. Austin follows up with The Fold to win.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler) w/ Brian Myers – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity are on the same page tonight as they team up against Gisele Shaw and Savanna Evans. At Slammiversary, Trinity will challenge Purrazzo for the coveted Knockouts World Title.

Masha Slamovich vs Killer Kelly – Dog Collar Match

Kelly and Slamovich are tied at the neck with dog collars attached to a steel chain. There are no disqualifications and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. Slamovich chokes her with the chain to gain the early advantage. It’s a tug of war on the outside as Slamovich pulls her face-first into the steel ring post. Slamovich traps Kelly in the chain, then bites her to raise the level of brutality. Kelly delivers a series of headbutts, followed by a double underhook suplex. Kelly hits a running dropkick in the corner, then pulls Slamovich into a DDT. Slamovich hangs her up on the ropes as she continues to choke Kelly. Slamovich goes for the Snowplow but Kelly counters into a Killer Clutch. Kelly hits a Snowplow of her own for two. Slamovich wraps the chain around Kelly’s throat, then connects with the Snowplow to win.

Masha Slamovich def Killer Kelly – Dog Collar Match

After the match, Slamovich helps Kelly to her feet.

Gia Miller interviews the Motor City Machine Guns as they both look to become singles champions tonight.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs Chris Sabin – X-Division Championship

Miguel uses his champion’s advantage in the early going as he retreats to the outside. Sabin has had enough and brings the fight to Miguel on the floor. Back in the ring, Miguel hits a neckbreaker out of the corner. Sabin bounces back with a Lethal Combination. Sabin sends him crashing into the steel ring post, then follows up with a spear on the apron. Sabin hits a modified pump-handle slam for two. Miguel shows off some impressive footwork as he ties up Sabin in a submission attempt. Sabin counters into a rollup but Miguel kicks out. Sabin connects with Angels Wings for another near fall. Miguel takes a page out of Sabin’s playbook as he hits him with the Cradle Shock. Miguel blinds Sabin with spray paint but it’s not enough to keep him down for three count. Sabin rinses out his eyes, then brings the fight to Miguel in the ring. Sabin hits the Styles Clash for yet another near fall. Sabin connects with the Clothesline from Hell, Michigan, followed by Cradle Shock to become the new X-Division Champion.

Chris Sabin def X-Division Champion Trey Miguel – NEW X-Division Champion

Moose, Mike Bailey, Rich Swann & PCO vs Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath & Nick Aldis – 8-4-1 Match to Determine #1 Contender for IMPACT World Title

The match begins as an 8-man tag with the winning team immediately competing against each other in a 4-way match. Moose delivers a cheap shot to Heath from the apron. Bailey lights up Heath with a flurry of kicks. Bailey heads to the top rope but Bully sends him crashing to the mat. Bully looks to add insult to injury but Bailey takes advantage and takes him off his feet with a pinpoint kick to the head. PCO enters the fray as he dives through the ropes, colliding with Heath and Aldis on the floor. PCO hits Gresham with the Lungblower, followed by a leg drop off the second rope. Moose allows Bully to take out his own partner, PCO. Moose inadvertently spears Swann. Gresham pins Swann to score the pinfall for his team.

Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath & Nick Aldis def Moose, Mike Bailey, Rich Swann & PCO – 8-4-1 Match to Determine #1 Contender for IMPACT World Title

Bully Ray vs Jonathan Gresham vs Heath vs Nick Aldis – 8-4-1 Match to Determine #1 Contender for IMPACT World Title

It’s now every man for himself as these 4 competitors vie for the #1 Contendership to the IMPACT World Title at Slammiversary. Gresham shows Bully What’s Up from the top. Gresham dives through the ropes, taking out both Heath and Aldis. Bully sends Gresham face-first into the steel ring post. Bully is about to use a steel chair on Gresham when Scott D’Amore stops him. D’Amore is back after Bully put him through a flaming table just two weeks ago at Under Siege. Bully dares D’Amore to hit him with a steel chair and he does. Heath hits the Wake Up Call on the chair, followed by a top rope splash from Gresham. There’s a huge Tower of Doom out of the corner with Heath scoring a pair of near falls. Gresham ties up Heath in a submission. Aldis breaks it up with a top rope elbow drop. Aldis locks in the Kingsley Cloverleaf on Heath to win by submission.

Nick Aldis def Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham & Heath – 8-4-1 Match to Determine #1 Contender for IMPACT World Title

Steve Maclin promises Mayhem For All when he defends the IMPACT World Title against Alex Shelley tonight.

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Trinity vs Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans w/ Jai Vidal

Evans fights off a Fujiwara Armbar attempt from Purrazzo, then pummels her with a series of fists. Trinity puts her athleticism on display as she hits Evans with a slingshot Facebuster. Vidal distracts the referee from ringside, allowing Shaw to push Trinity off the top rope. Evans wears Trinity down before Trinity creates separation with a springboard kick. Purrazzo enters the match as she immediately locks in the Fujiwara Armbar on Shaw. Shaw scurries to the bottom rope, forcing Purrazzo to break the hold. Shaw hits Shock & Awe but Purrazzo wisely rolls to the outside. It’s a stalemate as everyone is down following a flurry of offense. Vidal clotheslines Trinity on the outside while the referee’s back is turned. Purrazzo rolls up Evans in the ring to win.

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Trinity def Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans w/ Jai Vidal

After the match, Shaw is about to take out Purrazzo with her signature knee strike when Trinity makes the save. They shake hands before their epic Knockouts World Title showdown at Slammiversary.

The Design (Deaner, Angels & Kon) vs oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) – Ohio Street Fight

Anything goes in this Ohio Street Fight with no disqualifications and no count-outs. The bell rings and the brawl is on as weapons surround the ring. Callihan sends Angels back-first into a ladder. Crist uses a rolling pin wrapped in barbed wire on the back of Deaner. Callihan hits Angels with an Exploder suplex into a steel chair. Callihan continues the assault with a staple gun before Kon gains possession and staples him in the chest. Deaner uses a mailbox as a weapon before oVe introduce barbed-wire boards into the match. Angels wraps barbed wire around his arm, then takes out Fulton with a clothesline. Crist connects with a Death Valley Driver on Angels. Crist intercepts Angels with a mid-air Crist Cutter out of nowhere but Deaner breaks the pin. Callihan drives Deaner into the barbed wire board with a vertical suplex. Kon chokeslams Callihan directly into a pile of thumbtacks. Kon and Fulton brawl up the ramp and chokeslam each other through a table. Deaner sends Crist through the barbed wire board with a Burning Hammer. Deaner goes low on Callihan. Angels launches himself off the top of a ladder, putting Callihan through a table with a Frog Splash. Callihan kicks out at two before Deaner inadvertently nails Angels with a baseball bat. Callihan spikes Deaner with the Cactus Driver 97 but it’s not enough. Callihan hits another Cactus Drive 97, this time into the barbed wire board to win.

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) def The Design (Deaner, Angels & Kon) – Ohio Street Fight

New Japan Pro-Wrestling legend Hiroshi Tanahashi will be a part of Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls LIVE on August 20th.

IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin vs Alex Shelley – IMPACT World Championship

Shelley targets the left arm of Maclin in the early going. Shelley continues to pick Maclin apart as he outwrestles the champ. Maclin finds an opening as he delivers a SCUD Missile to the outside. Maclin jumps off the apron and drives his elbow into the chest of Shelley. Maclin hyperextends Shelley’s elbow, then follows up with an Olympic Slam for two. Maclin hits a backbreaker before both competitors exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Shelley takes Maclin off his feet, then goes for the Border City Stretch. Maclin fights it off but Shelley softens him up with a series of kicks. Shelley hits a Dragon Screw, then ties up Maclin in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Maclin rips off the turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel underneath. Maclin hits a running knee, followed by the Brainbuster for two. Maclin soars with a top rope headbutt but Shelley kicks out again. The fight spills to the outside where Shelley hits Sliced Bread on the floor. Back in the ring, Maclin catches him with KIA but Shelley gets his foot on the bottom rope. Shelley hits super Sliced Bread off the top but this time it’s Maclin who kicks out just in time. Maclin drives him back-first into the exposed turnbuckle but it’s still not enough. Turnabout is fair play as Shelley sends Maclin into the steel. Shelley connects with Shell Shock to win the match and become IMPACT World Champion for the very first time.

Alex Shelley def IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin – NEW IMPACT World Champion

After the match, new X-Division Champion Chris Sabin joins new IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley as the Motor City Machine Guns celebrate in the ring together.

Against All Odds goes off the air.

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