IMPACT On AXS Results (9/2/2021)

IMPACT On AXS Results From Skyway Studios In Nashville, TN. (9/2/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling returns tonight.

On tap for tonight’s installment of the weekly IMPACT On AXS show is an exciting lineup, which includes Josh Alexander’s open challenge to any past X-Division Champion, Tommy Dreamer vs. Ace Austin, Crazzy Steve & Taurus vs. Fallah Bahh & No Way, Rohit Raju & Shera vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green and more.

Featured below are complete IMPACT On AXS results for Thursday, September 2, 2021 from Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN.


After BTI with John Skyler vs. Jake Something ending with Something scoring the victory, this week’s show kicks off with an in memory of graphic in honor of the late Daffney.

We then see highlights of Christian Cage defeating Brian Myers at IMPACT Emergence and the setup to this week’s Tommy Dreamer vs. Ace Austin match with potential Victory Road ramifications.

From there, the usual signature “We own the night” video package airs to get this week’s show off-and-running. After that, Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown welcome us to the show on commentary and we head down to the ring for our first bout of the evening.

Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne & Kaleb With A K vs. Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

It will be a six-person tag-team match getting us started inside the squared circle this week. The Influencers make their way down to the ring as highlights from last week’s show are shown to set the stage for this match.

They settle into the ring and then Taylor Wilde makes her way out. She stops and is joined by the team of Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering and the trio make their way down to the ring.

We hear the bell sound to get this one off-and-running. Kaleb and Ellering kicking things off for their respective teams. Ellering dominates the action early on. She hits a nice gut-wrench suplex and blasts Kaleb with some elbows before delivering a nice suplex for a near fall.

Grace tags in and picks up where Ellering left off, taking it to Kaleb, until Madison Rayne gets involved and tags in and takes over. She goes on to dominate the action on Jordynne for a while and then tags Kaleb back in. Kaleb stops Grace from making a tag at first but she then makes the tag to Taylor Wilde.

Wilde takes the hot tag and goes straight to work on Kaleb and even blasts Tenille and Madison with a shot on the ring apron for good measure. She hits a nice tornado DDT off the ropes on Kaleb for a near fall that Tenille jumped in to break up. We see The Influencers pull some sneaky tactics that seemed to shift the momentum, but seconds later Wilde hits a back suplex into a bridge on Kaleb for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Deonna Purrazzo Talks Win At NWA EmPowerrr, Attacking Mickie James At NWA 73

We see highlights of Deonna Purrazzo defeating Melina at NWA EmPowerrr and Mickie James’ victory at NWA 73 and subsequent post-match attack from Purrazzo in a hood and then shoot backstage to Gia Miller, who is standing by with “The Virtuosa” and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Purrazzo is asked if she overshadowed her own moment with her actions at NWA 73. She is, of course, offended by the question and backed up by Rehwoldt. He talks about Purrazzo focusing on her future and he can do the same. He tells Trey Miguel he has the artists attention. Purrazzo says when they make a promise they keep it. She reminds everyone to never cross and the king and queen and then we head to a commercial break.

Tommy Dreamer & Christian Cage Talk Tonight’s Main Event

When we return from the break we see a Bound For Glory promo for 10/23 and then we shoot backstage to Tommy Dreamer talking about the high stakes in his match tonight with Ace Austin, as if he wins he gets added to his title match with Christian Cage at Victory Road.

Dreamer goes on to tell a story about capturing the ECW Title in a match with Christian. In walks Mr. Cage, who points out that he didn’t pin him to win that title in that match. Dreamer says he’s never pinned him. They joke a bit and then Christian tells him he hopes he wins because it’d be an honor to have him in the match at the PPV.

He says he’ll be watching. Dreamer thanks him but asks him not to come out no matter what happens because he wants to win on his own.

Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus vs. Fallah Bahh & No Way

Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus make their way out alongside Decay as we settle back inside the IMPACT Zone for our second match of the evening. The group settles into the ring and then their music dies down.

The theme for No Way hits and he comes out alongside Fallah Bahh. They are joined by a bunch of dancers and party guests as they dance their happy selves down to the ring.

Tasha Steelz unmasks as one of the party guests and attacks some of Decay. Other Decay members run up after her but are flattened by Savannah who pops out from backstage. Striker on commentary says they are going to restore order during the break and get this match underway. On that note, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from the break, Fallah Bahh is in the ring with Crazzy Steve and the match gets underway. Steve looks for a taste of Bahh with a bite attempt but Fallah fights it off. The crowd boos this and Fallah is confused by the reaction but plays to it well. He then tags in No Way while Steve tags in Black Taurus.

No Way plays to the crowd a bit and starts off well but Taurus quickly takes over and starts out-powering No Way. Fallah tags himself in and goes to work on Taurus. The fans boo him again so he decides to bite Taurus. They still boo. A very light “Fallah Bahh” chant breaks out as he tags No Way back in and the two hit some double-team offense on Taurus for a near fall.

Fallah goes to work on Taurus a bit and the crowd still boos him. The commentators now point this out as once again Bahh decides to tag out. No Way comes back in and goes to work, picking up where Bahh left off, yet the crowd still boos and chants “Taurus” so No Way taunts them a bit and plays into it. He hits a nice vertical slam on Taurus and stands on his hair as he tags in Bahh.

The two hit a double team spot and Bahh goes for the cover but he kicks out. The fans boo at Bahh and he tags right back out immediately once again. No Way goes to work on Taurus with punches but now the Decay member is finally showing signs of life and starting to fight from underneath for a big comeback.

Crazzy Steve finally tags in as the fans loudly chant his name. Bahh tags in but Steve goes to work on him. No Way hits the ring but Taurus knocks him out and hits a ring to floor splash on him as Stevve bites Bahh and hits a jumping DDT off the ropes for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus

W. Morrissey Approached By Moose For An Alliance

We shoot backstage where Gia Miller is with W. Morrissey. She asks him about Sami Callihan hitting him with a baseball bat during the attack that included Eddie Edwards. Morrissey says he actually respects it a little bit because they’re at least honest in admitting they don’t like each other.

He goes on to talk about their honesty only taking them so far but before he can continue Moose walks up and gets in his face. He says he agrees with him about there being no friends in IMPACT. He says he’ll take him out if he has to. He says they both have issues with Callihan and Edwards so he’s not looking for a friend he’s looking for an alliance.

On that note, we head to another commercial break.

Steve Maclin With A Message For Petey Williams

We return from the break to Steve Maclin backstage sitting on a chair talking about defeating and beating down Petey Williams at Emergence. He says he doesn’t know what he’s got to do to prove his point. He stands up and kicks his chair out and says next week they will go one-on-one on IMPACT On AXS.

Moose & W. Morrissey Attack Eddie Edwards

From there, we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Moose’s theme hits and the big man makes his way out as the fans chant his name.

He settles into the ring and talks about it pissing him off to see Eddie Edwards try and be a hero to all the fans. The fans boo him and chant Eddie Edwards’ name. He tells him things are different now because he’s a monster and a wrestling god.

Moose challenges Edwards to come out now so he can prove to him that the good guy doesn’t always win. Edwards’ theme hits and out he comes with a kendo stick.

Edwards swings at Moose with the kendo stick but Moose blocks it. They wrestle down to the mat and Edwards gets the better of things. He picks up the kendo stick and starts beating Moose down with it until W. Morrissey comes out and helps Moose beat him down.

They continue to beat Edwards down in two-on-one fashion as the fans boo. Morrissey hits an assisted power bomb with Moose. Moose talks trash to him while he’s down and then they pose over him while he’s laid out.

Fallah Bahh & No Way Talk To TJP

Backstage we see Gia Miller approach Fallah Bahh and No Way and asks them about Tasha Steelz being secretly in the konga line for their ring entrance. They claim innocence. In walks TJP and asks Bahh about No Way. He says he needed a tag partner. They make up and laugh it off. No Way then wins TJP over. They talk about having a match together. We head to another commercial break.

Eric Young Brings The Reckoning To Rhino For Failing VBD

We return from the break to see Eric Young talking to Rhino about the reckoning for him failing them finally being time. We see a crazy vignette that shows Rhino laying in a hospital bed and VBD pulling a bag over his body. It flashes back to Young talking to Rhino in an interrogation room where this all started to promise he can purify him. We hear Rhino yell out “help me!” as the bizarre segment ends.

X-Division Championship Open Challenge
Josh Alexander (C) vs. Jake Crist

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander makes his way down to the ring for this X-Division Championship open challenge. As noted, the challenge only applies to former X-Division Champions.

Alexander settles into the ring and his music fades down. After a pause, the theme for Jake Crist hits and out he comes as Matt Striker over-sells this on commentary. The fans give him a nice reaction coming out.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this championship contest. The two lock up and Alexander takes Crist down. The fans start chanting “Walking Weapon!” Back on their feet, Crist goes to work on Alexander but Alexander quickly shifts the momentum right back into his favor as the fans applaud his skills.

We see the action head to the top rope where Crist hits a big superplex that lets him gain the offensive upper-hand. He slaps a rear chin lock on Alexander and starts raking at his eyes. Crist continues to dominate the action and as it looks like Alexander is going to take over, Crist escapes a suplex attempt and takes out Alexander’s leg with a chop block behind the knee.

Crist taunts the fans as they boo him and then he goes back to work on Alexander, taking it to the champ in his open challenge showdown. Alexander fights back, hitting a drive-by and then begins hitting a series of back suplexes over-and-over-and-over again on Crist, despite him trying to block the third one. He goes for the double underhook piledriver and hits it for the pin fall victory to retain his title.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Chris Sabin Challenges Josh Alexander To X-Division Title Match At Victory Road

After the match, Gia Miller gets in the ring and asks Josh Alexander why he took a match tonight with his title on-the-line against an unknown opponent. He says he has to because it’s what he needs to do to cement his legacy as arguably the best X-Division Champion in history.

The theme for Chris Sabin hits and out he comes. He first makes sure to point out that he’s a big fan of Alexander but he’s only a one time X-Division Champion. He says he’s an eight time X-Division Champion. He says if he wants to prove his claim of being the best X-Division Champion he needs to fight the best of all time.

He goes on to challenge Alexander for a match for the title at Victory Road. He says before he accepts he wants to point out what he’s agreeing to. He says if Alexander wins he may very well go on to become the best X-Division Champion ever, but if he wins he’ll become the first-ever nine-time X-Division Champion. The two shake hands and the match is on.

Brian Myers Presents How To Be A Wrestler Chapter 32: Making Alliances

We return to Sam Beale talking about how to be a wrestler and then we see a bunch of video submissions from wrestling hopefuls. We return back live to a backstage segment where we hear Brian Myers presents how to be a wrestler — chapter 32 — making alliances.

Myers sees a bunch of the guys from the tapes standing by and he looks disappointed. He says it’s what they got to work with. He asks them various questions to cut some of them. One guy he asks who his favorite wrestler is. He says Mojo Rawley. Myers tells him wrong, and he’s cut.

He finally dwindles the hopefuls down to the last two. He asks one how long he’s been in the business. He says 34 years. He says why has he never heard of him. He asks why he’s never heard of Brian Myers. Before he goes to cut him Beale reminds him there’s only one left and it’s Manny Lemons. He says fine and leaves them both. The segment ends.

Rohit Raju & Shera vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

We return inside the IMPACT Zone and Rohit Raju makes his way down to the ring alongside Shera. The two settle into the ring and their music fades down.

From there, Matt Cardona’s theme hits and he comes out and stops. Chelsea Green’s theme hits and the two make their way down to the ring for our next match of the evening, which will feature tag-team competition.

Shera and Cardona kick things off for their respective teams. We see Shera hit Cardona with a pounce off the ropes to jump into the early offensive advantage. The fans boo as he steps on Cardona while he tags in Rohit.

Raju tries taunting Cardona before going to work on him and this costs him, as Cardona takes over and tags in Green. Green comes in and picks up where he left off, focusing on Rohit’s arm and then tagging Cardona back in.

He does the same and tags her in. She throws a big kick and goes for the cover but Rohit kicks out and takes over on offense. This doesn’t last long. Green mocks Rohit and takes back over. He tags out and Shera gets in her face.

Cardona hits the ring but Shera sends him into the ring post. Shera then blasts Green with a big shot and covers her for the pin fall victory. Cardona hits the ring and runs him off after the pin.

Winners: Rohit Raju & Shera

The Good Brothers Come Out, Rich Swann Attacks

We return from the break to IMPACT Tag-Team Champions The Good Brothers making their way out and heading down to the ring.

Anderson and Gallows settle into the ring and talk about their match last week against Rich Swann and Willie Mack. They question how even if they moved into number one contender status, how they would win titles after Mack was injured when they put him through a table after the match.

This leads to Rich Swann coming out and attacking Gallows and Anderson and showing his more vicious, violent side. Several security members and IMPACT officials rush to the scene to break things up as we head to another commercial break.

Bunkhouse Brawl Announced For Next Week

We return to see Rich Swann still freaking out backstage as officials try and hold him back. Scott D’Amore enters the scene and excuses the security and officials. He says if he wants his hands on The Good Brothers — it will be Swann vs. Anderson in a Bunkhouse Brawl. Swann likes this idea.

Spot For Tommy Dreamer At Victory Road On-The-Line
Ace Austin vs. Tommy Dreamer

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Ace Austin and Tommy Dreamer make their respective ring entrances for our main event of the evening. Remember, with a win, Tommy Dreamer will be added to the Ace Austin vs. Christian Cage title match at the IMPACT Victory Road pay-per-view.

Before our final match of the evening gets underway, we head to one final pre-match commercial break. As we settle back in from the break, the bell sounds and this one gets off-and-running.

We see Austin dominating things early on, taking it to Dreamer, however “The Innovator of Violence” shifts the momentum in his favor and then sends Austin out to the floor. He dives through the ropes and crashes into him and continues his assault at ringside.

Things end up getting switched up on him, as Madman Fulton plays a factor and slams Dreamer into the steel barricade. Austin capitalizes on this and then brings Dreamer back into the ring. After some chops and shots in the corner, Ace slaps a rear chin lock on Dreamer as the fans try and rally Tommy back into the lead.

Austin springboards to the top rope but is cut off by a quick-reacting Dreamer. Dreamer pulls Austin off neck-first backwards for a neck-breaker off the top-rope. Both guys are down and recovering now and the fans inside the IMPACT Zone are loudly chanting for Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer gets up first and fires up for a big comeback. He punches away at Austin and then bites him for good measure. Now he slams him down and leads the fans into some clapping and chanting to give him some moral encouragement as he tries to finish Austin off. Austin cuts Dreamer off but Dreamer hits an enzugiri to stop him from taking over.

The fans chant “He’s hardcore” in an homage to his ECW days. Both guys get up and Austin hits a big kick on Dreamer and then leaps to the top-rope for a springboard Fame-Asser off the top for a close near fall. He talks with Madman Fulton and then runs at Dreamer, who catches him coming in with a diving neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but Fulton pulls Austin’s foot on the ropes.

Tommy goes out after Fulton and DDTs him on the floor. He heads back into the ring but Austin cuts him off as he was coming into the ring with a crazy move that earns him the pin fall victory. With the win, it will be Ace Austin vs. Christian Cage in a one-on-one match at Victory Road. That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Ace Austin


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