IMPACT On AXS TV Results (10/21/2021)

IMPACT On AXS TV Results (10/21/2021): Bound For Glory PPV Go-Home Show

The road to the IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory wraps up this evening, as IMPACT On AXS TV returns tonight with the “go-home” show for their biggest annual event.

Things gets started with the Before The IMPACT pre-show at 7/6c on AXS TV and the official IMPACT Wrestling YouTube channel, which features a scheduled one-on-one showdown between W. Morrissey and Jake Something.

From there, the actual main show begins at 8/7c on AXS TV with a stacked lineup that includes Mickie James vs. Savannah Evans in a “Pick Your Poison” match, FinJuice vs. Chris Bey & Hikuleo in an IMPACT Tag-Team Championship Eliminator, Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel, as well as Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs. Tenille Dashwood & John Skyler vs. Chelsea Green & Crazzy Steve.

Featured below are complete IMPACT On AXS TV results from the IMPACT Zone at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.


This week’s show kicks off with the usual “We own the night” signature opening video package and then we shoot inside the IMPACT Zone in Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

IMPACT Tag-Team Title Eliminator
Chris Bey & Hikuleo vs. FinJuice

We start the Bound For Glory 2021 “go-home” edition of the weekly IMPACT On AXS TV show off with a big tag-team match that has high stakes on the Bound For Glory pay-per-view coming up this Saturday night.

The theme for The Bullet Club hits and out comes the duo of Chris Bey and Hikuleo as we get ready for a match where the winning team will move on to earn a shot at the IMPACT Tag-Team Championships currently held by The Good Brothers.

As Bey and Hikuleo settle into the ring, their music dies down. Now the familiar sounds of the upbeat theme for FinJuice plays and out comes David Finlay and Juice Robinson.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our opening contest. Early on we see some back-and-forth action and then The Bullet Club duo ends up settling into the offensive driver’s seat.

Bey and Hikuleo take turns tagging in and out to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times, keeping one-half of FinJuice stuck in the ring in desparate need of a tag that they stop him from making at every turn.

Eventually the tag is made and we see FinJuice fight back into competitive form. Things build to the finish, which is a confusing one, as even the commentary duo of Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown don’t seem sure who won. The wrestlers don’t seem to know either. The referees are even arguing, as one team thinks The Bullet Club won and the other thinks FinJuice won.

The confusion lasts for a while as no one is sure who to announce the winner in this match, and due to the high stakes, they need to sort it out. We head to a commercial break while they apparently do that.

Winners: To Be Announced

Scott D’Amore Addresses Opening Match Controversial Finish

We shoot backstage where Scott D’Amore are standing with the heated up duos of The Bullet Club and FinJuice, as they bicker and argue about who deserves the victory in the match they just had in tonight’s opener. D’Amore announces that he will make his decision before the end of the night.

A Special Look At The Challenger For IMPACT Title At Bound For Glory

From there, we head to a very extensive, documentary-style look at the life and career of “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander leading up to his biggest career match for the IMPACT Championship against Christian Cage in the main event of Saturday’s IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view.

Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs. Tenille Dashwood & John Skyler vs. Chelsea Green & Crazzy Steve

We return from the commercial break and head right back down to the ring, as it’s time for our next match of the evening. This match will give fans a taste of what is to come in the match at Bound For Glory to determine the inaugural IMPACT Digital Media Champion.

The six participants who will compete to determine the first-ever IMPACT Digital Media Champion are in teams of two, as Jordynne Grace and Fallah Bahh join up to take on the duo of Tenille Dashwood and John Skyler, as well as Chelsea Green and Crazzy Steve.

The teams make their respective ring walks and now the bell sounds to get this match off-and-running. Grace goes nuts on Green to get this one underway. Grace corners Green and makes a tag out to Fallah Bahh. Green hits a nice slap on Bahh. She escapes out of the fireman’s carry to land a dropkick before bringing Crazzy Steve in.

Now we watch as Steve takes a bite out of Bahh’s forehead! John Skyler tags himself in to replace Bahh. Skyler connects a lepsweep and floats over for a cover. Steve powers at two. Tenille Dashwood is tagged in by Skyler. Dashwood drives her foot into Steve. Kaleb snaps a nice shot of her. Steve takes his frustrations out on Skyler and Dashwood by biting each of them.

As the action continues, Jordynne charges in with a spinebuster on Dashwood! Jordynne connects a nice and heavy forearm on Skyler in the corner. Jordynne fires up a back fist on Dashwood, who tries to run in and break the cover on Skyler. Bahh crashes into everyone in the corner. Steve leaps off the ropes with DDT on Bahh. He looks for a cover. Kaleb drags Steve out of the ring to let Dashwood pick up the pin. Before she does, she launches a Spotlight Kick to cement her win heading into the big Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view this weekend.

Winners: Tenille Dashwood & John Skyler

Heath & Violent By Design Confront Rhino Ahead Of Bound For Glory

We head to the ring now, where we see Rhino is already standing. The commentators say he’s ready to talk, but he doesn’t say anything before the entrance theme of Heath sounds inside the IMPACT Zone.

Heath comes down to the ring and approaches his longtime close friend and asks him to come to his senses. He says they’ve been through too much for him to be giving him the silent treatment like this.

He talks for a while about their friendship and how their families know each other and when he mentions that his two beautiful daughters miss Uncle Rhino, we see Rhino finally show some emotion as he smiles. Heath thinks he’s gotten to him but as soon as he does, the theme for Violent By Design hits.

VBD comes out led by Eric Young. They head into the ring and now they talk their piece to Rhino, explaining why he should not be listening to Heath, but instead must listen to them. Eventually Deaner attacks Rhino and as VBD beats Heath down, Rhino finally starts to try and break it up.

Eric Young stops him and then the beatdown on Heath, who they handcuff to the ring ropes, continues. That’s how this segment wraps up. We head to another commercial break.

Pick Your Poison Match
Savannah Evans vs. Mickie James

When we return from the break, we see a quick vignette hyping Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki “coming soon” to IMPACT Wrestling. From there, we head back into the IMPACT Zone for our “Pick Your Poison” match.

Savannah Evans’ theme hits and out comes the intimidating member of the IMPACT Knockouts division accompanied by Tasha Steelz. She settles into the ring and then we hear her music die down.

The familiar sounds of “Hardcore Country” plays now as women’s wrestling legend Mickie James makes her way down to the ring for this featured bout. The bell sounds and we are off-and-running.

We hear a chant of “Welcome back!” from the fans in the IMPACT Zone aimed at Mickie. The two circle each other and now they get things started. Mickie fares well early on, but after being smashed into a corner by Savannah and blasted with some back-elbows, she starts having trouble with her larger, younger opposition.

Mickie does a good job of fighting back into competitive form but then she is tripped up by Tasha Steelz at ringside, which allows Evans to take over full control of the offense. Savannah Evans has Mickie James in a bear hug. Mickie James fights – and bites – her way out of it. Savannah goes for a big boot but gets caught in the ropes, and that gives Mickie a chance to do some damage.

Out comes Deonna Purrazzo and Matt Rehwoldt as Mickie hits a roundhouse kick that lays out Evans. She then connects with the Mickie-D-T for the victory.

Winner: Mickie James

After The Match: Deonna Purrazzo Attacks Mickie James, Breaks “No Contact” Clause

After the match, Purrazzo taunts Mickie and then has Rehwoldt attack her from behind, leaving her laying as we head to a commercial break with the commentators talk about the “no contact” clause Purrazzo and James have heading into their match at Bound For Glory.

Scott D’Amore Addresses Mickie James & Deonna Purrazzo’s “No Contact” Clause

As we settle back in from the break, Scott D’Amore approaches Deonna Purrazzo and Matt Rehwoldt as they are coming backstage following their post-match attack on Mickie James before the break.

He brings up the “no contact” clause and Purrazzo says what happened doesn’t count because she didn’t touch her. He says it does but he doesn’t want to waste time or money fighting the legal battle, he’d rather see Mickie beat her ass and take her title at Bound For Glory.

D’Amore announces that everyone is banned from ringside during the James-Purrazzo title match this Saturday. This ends the segment.

Brian Myers Kicks Sam Beale Out Of The Learning Tree

We now head to the latest from Brian Myers and his Learning Tree pupils. They do their usual routine and then they eventually inform Sam Beale that he is no longer in the Learning Tree.

Myers turns his back on him. Beale asks if he can at least get an autograph from Myers. Myers says sure and has VSK sign it for him. VSK asks Beale who to make it out to. He tells him, and then VSK asks how to spell his name, despite all the time they had been spending together for the last several weeks.

Bound For Glory Knockouts Tag-Team Title Contract Signing

Before heading to another commercial break, we shoot to one final backstage segment. This one was a goofy and pretty typical one that you should come to expect when it involves anyone from Decay — particularly the duo of Rosemary and Havok. They sit at a table with Scott D’Amore and a representative for The IInspiration. The contracts are signed and the title match is set for Bound For Glory.

Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel

We head back inside the IMPACT Zone inside Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. as we return from the break. Alex Zayne’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, where we see Trey Miguel is already waiting for him.

The two stare each other down as the commentators talk about this match being set up in their very intense backstage confrontation on last week’s edition of IMPACT On AXS TV. The bell sounds and this match is now officially off-and-running.

After some early back-and-forth action, we see Zayne start to take over as he continues to execute flashy offense while D’Lo and Mathews talk on commentary about how he is a bit of a show-off in terms of his offensive skills.

Zayne continues to dominate the action as we head into a mid-match commercial break. When we return from the break, we see Zayne still in control. He hits a crazy somersault into a hurricanrana that brings Miguel off the top-rope.

The commentators spoke about this spot like it was the greatest athletic display in pro wrestling history. Finally, Miguel starts to fight back into competitive form and he eventually connects with his meteor finisher for the victory.

Winner: Trey Miguel

After The Match: Bullet Club Beatdown

As soon as the match wraps up, we see Miguel become the victim of a post-match attack led by The Bullet Club, as Chris Bey, Hikuleo and El Phantasmo beat him down and leave him laying.

Scott D’Amore Makes Decision On IMPACT Tag-Team Title Eliminator

In an update from the opening match, as the commentary team of D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews run down the lineup for the Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view this weekend, they reveal that Scott D’Amore has made his decision. It will be both teams from tonight’s opening tag-title eliminator bout — FinJuice and The Bullet Club — who will be earning a shot at the titles, as The Good Brothers will defend against both teams in a triple-threat match.

Josh Alexander, Christian Cage Final Verbal Sparring Ahead Of Bound For Glory

Once the commentators finish running down the updated lineup for Bound For Glory, we shoot back inside the IMPACT Zone where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance music of Josh Alexander.

The former X-Division Champion makes his way down to the ring as the fans chant “Walking Weapon.” He gets on the mic and his theme cuts off as he settles into the squared circle for his final comments ahead of the biggest match of his career this Saturday night.

Alexander goes on to talk about his long journey to get where he is today, and mentions how he got another chance at a business he never thought he would get to have. He talks about how he hasn’t and will continue to not waste the opportunity that was given to him. He talks about wanting to send a message to his children at home.

He wraps up, but before he exits the ring, we hear the familiar sounds of Christian Cage’s theme song. “Captain Charisma” makes his way out holding his IMPACT Championship and he settles into the ring across from Alexander.

Christian talks about knowing the spot Alexander is in right now and says he’s been there before. He talks about Alexander being very talented and someone he respects, he once again brings up how pressure is a big factor in being the top dog, and he doesn’t think Alexander handles it well.

“The Walking Weapon” goes on to take a couple subtle shots at his Bound For Glory opponent, talking about how he has heard all the talk about how he’ll never rise to the top, he’s just a tag-team wrestler, etc. He asks Christian if these comments sound familiar.

Cage gets a bit insulting as well and Alexander mentions being pissed off and says that’s not a smart strategy on Christian’s part. He tackles him down to the mat and the two brawl until a bunch of wrestlers and officials run out from the back to break them up.

The commentators talk about how this rivalry, which has been mostly respectful and friendly, has just gotten personal on the final stand-off before their highly-anticipated world title showdown in the main event of this Saturday night’s Bound For Glory.

Christian heads to the back as his theme plays, Alexander stares at him from the ring and Josh Mathews plug Saturday’s big PPV in Las Vegas, NV. as the Bound For Glory “go-home” edition of IMPACT On AXS TV goes off-the-air on that note. Thanks for joining us!


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