IMPACT On AXS TV Results (10/28/2021)

IMPACT On AXS TV Results From Sam’s Town Live In Las Vegas, NV. (10/28/2021)

IMPACT On AXS TV returns tonight with the fallout from their biggest pay-per-view event of the year — Bound For Glory 2021.

Things gets started with the Before The IMPACT pre-show at 7/6c on AXS TV and the official IMPACT Wrestling YouTube channel, which features a scheduled one-on-one showdown between VSK and Sam Beale.

On tap for tonight’s main show is Trey Miguel vs. Rocky Romero for the X-Division title, Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering, Chris Sabin vs. Ace Austin, Joe Doering vs. Heath, plus appearances by new Knockouts Champion Mickie James and new Knockouts Tag-Team Champions The IInspiration.

Featured below are complete IMPACT On AXS TV results from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This week’s edition of IMPACT On AXS TV starts off with an extensive look back at the IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view over the weekend.

After the lengthy video highlight package wraps up, we see Moose spoiling Josh Alexander’s big moment by calling his shot and winning the IMPACT Championship from “The Walking Weapon” moments after his career-defining win over Christian Cage.

Moose Brawls With Eddie Edwards & Josh Alexander, Minoru Suzuki/Alexander Brawl

From there, the familiar sounds of Moose’s theme song plays and out comes the brand new IMPACT Champion to kick off this week’s show.

He settles into the ring and grabs a microphone. His theme music dies down, but before he can speak, the theme for Eddie Edwards hits and out comes the fan-favorite IMPACT Wrestling veteran.

Edwards charges down to the ring with a kendo stick in hand. Moose meets him and the two begin brawling. They continue to brawl up the entrance ramp until a bunch of security guards hit the scene to break them up. The fans chant “Let them fight!”

He talks about doing some bad things, such as breaking the neck of a man he used to call a friend. He says at Bound For Glory, he might have done the worst thing yet. He says right in front of his beautiful wife and young child, he took everything Josh Alexander ever worked for — and he has no sympathy after doing so.

Moose goes on to talk about being the best champion in the business. He references Elite, the Tribe, The Boss, The Man, The King, The Queen or what day anyone holds any title. He says hell you can add a New Day to the week and he’s still the greatest champion in all of professional wrestling.

The new IMPACT Champion goes on to point out that if he has done all of that to become champion, everyone can imagine what he is willing to do to keep it. He goes to send a message to everyone in the locker room, but as he does, he is attacked from behind by Josh Alexander. The former IMPACT Champion beats Moose down and clears him out of the ring.

Afterwards, Moose retreats into the crowd and stops and stares, as does Alexander, as we hear the familiar sounds of the iconic entrance music of Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki. He enters the ring and gets right on Alexander’s face. Alexander takes a step closer and with blood still on his face from his brawl with Moose moments ago, we see the two staring each other down as fans chant “This is awesome!”

Alexander goes to walk away as the camera once again shows Moose watching on. Suzuki stops Alexander and starts bashing him with forearm shots. Alexander starts striking back. A wild brawl between the two ensues and then a ton of security and officials hit the ring to break these two guys up. That’s how the opening segment for the post-Bound For Glory edition of this week’s IMPACT On AXS TV wraps up.

The IInspiration Will Appear Later Tonight

The commentators react to the opening segment after it ends, and then they mention some of the action still to come on tonight’s show. A quick vignette airs hyping an appearance tonight by new Knockouts Tag-Team Champions The IInspiration and then we head to a commercial break.

Moose Backstage Brawl With Matt Cardona

When we return from the break, Gia Miller catches up with new IMPACT Champion Moose and asks him if he’s making a smart move by painting such a large target on his back. He claims if anyone in the IMPACT locker room can handle it, it’s him. Up walks Matt Cardona, who claims he was “this close” to winning at Bound For Glory. Moose mocks him and they start brawling until security rushes to the scene to split them up.

X-Division Championship
Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel (c)

We return inside the arena after the Moose-Cardona backstage brawl and we hear Rocky Romero’s theme hit as the 20-year wrestling veteran from NJPW makes his way down to the ring.

Romero settles into the squared circle as his music dies down and the commentators sing his praises as being one of the top talents of the past several years.

Out comes Trey Miguel to a newly updated ring entrance, as he gets ready for the first defense of his newly won IMPACT X-Division Championship.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this title contest here on the post-Bound For Glory edition of IMPACT On AXS TV. The two guys lock-up early on and Romero takes Miguel down with a unique arm-drag.

Romero shows off some antics after getting the early offensive jump on the champion. The commentators talk about how fans shouldn’t take Romero’s antics as a sign that he’s not a superb talent.

Miguel ends up firing up and launching Romero out to the floor before showing a little swag of his own, which D’Lo Brown calls “championship confidence” on commentary. Romero hits a crazy counter off the ropes that sends Miguel out to the floor.

We see Rocky look to follow up with a slide under the ropes, but Miguel avoids it, hits a dropkick of his own and then heads to the top-rope for a moonsault. Both guys are down as Matt Striker talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

As we settle in from the break, we see Romero taking over on offense after hitting an explosive offensive spurt that saw him execute a big high spot on Miguel on the floor. Back in the ring, he hits a modified unique cutter for a pin fall attempt, however the champ kicks out at two.

The fans break out into a loud “This is awesome!” chant as Romero blasts Miguel with unprotected kicks to the back and chest over-and-over again. Miguel starts to fire up for a comeback and he hits a powerful sit-out power bomb to slow down Romero’s momentum and shift things to his favor for the first time in several minutes.

Now we hear a “This is IMPACT!” chant from the fans as Miguel and Romero trade shots from their knees as they work their way back to their feet. Once they get back on their feet they continue to exchange punches and kicks back-and-forth until Miguel catches Romero with a jumping knee that rocks him.

He heads to the top-rope and connects with his Meteora, however Romero floats over into a single-leg crab. He yanks back for all he is worth but Miguel rolls through and goes for a pin attempt. Romero kicks out. Miguel hits a big Superman punch and then a running elbow to the grill of Romero in the corner.

D’Lo Brown points out Miguel has been busted open. Miguel ends up hitting a brainbuster and then heads to the top-rope, where he connects with a Meteora once again. He goes for the cover and gets the pin fall victory to retain his X-Division Championship in an excellent match.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

After The Match: Steve Maclin Attacks!

Once the match wraps up, we see Miguel celebrating when out of nowhere, Steve Maclin attacks him from behind. He beats him down and then hoists him up for his finisher, bouncing him off the turnbuckles in the corner and leaning down to talk trash into Miguel’s bloody face afterwards while the fans chant “You suck!”

Jordynne Grace Talks Digital Media Title, Tasha Steelz & Rachael Ellering Trash-Talk

We shoot backstage where Gia Miller is standing by with Jordynne Grace. She asks her what it’s like to be the first-ever IMPACT Digital Media Champion. She brings up having a big social media presence and then is interrupted by Tasha Steelz, who approaches her with Savannah Evans.

She talks trash about Grace and Rachael Ellering, who is standing by with Grace. Steelz taunts Ellering ahead of their scheduled match for tonight. After this, we head to another commercial break.

Steve Maclin Sends Message To Trey Miguel, Scott D’Amore Approaches Him

When we return from the break, we see Steve Maclin walking backstage. He walks right up to the camera and tells Trey Miguel if he didn’t make his message clear just now, he’ll say it directly. He says Miguel can’t beat him and he deserves the X-Division Championship.

Scott D’Amore approaches him and questions him saying he deserves the title. He tells him things are busy and he’ll sort this out.

Scott D’Amore Approached By Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards, Makes Big Match

As D’Amore walks off, up comes Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards. They both say they want a piece of Moose. D’Amore says Josh Alexander also deserves a piece of Moose.

He decides it will be Moose and whoever he can find against Josh Alexander and whoever he can find against Edwards and Cardona.

Josh Alexander Confronted By Scott D’Amore After Attacking Referee

Now we see D’Amore go to walk off again when he starts running and yelling as he sees Josh Alexander freaking out and beating up a referee. D’Amore tells him about the match he just made moments ago and says he proved at Bound For Glory he is the guy that he always knew he would be when he first signed him years ago in Toronto.

He says he’ll be the face of IMPACT. He tells him not to prove Christian Cage right about his emotions running out of control. He tells him to stay focused and he’ll get where he’s supposed to be.

Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering

We head back inside the arena and the sounds of Tasha Steelz’ theme song plays as she makes her way down to the ring for our next match of the evening. She is accompanied by Savannah Evans for this match.

Now out comes her opponent for this one-on-one Knockouts contest, as Rachael Ellering heads down to the ring accompanied by IMPACT Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this match. Early on we see Steelz on the defensive, as Ellering dominates the offense from the word “go.” Steelz ends up baiting Ellering over to the ropes, and then she drops her neck-first over the top-rope as she lands on the floor.

Steelz heads back in the ring after that and now she goes on the offensive for the first time in the match, taking it to Ellering with a mixture of strikes in the corner. The crowd tries rallying behind Ellering as Steelz takes her to the mat and controls her with a chin-lock.

Ellering tries firing up for a comeback, but Steelz catches her with a codebreaker to slow down her momentum. We see Ellering roll out to the floor. Savannah Evans walks over to her, but on the other side of the ringside area, Jordynne Grace runs over to make sure nothing happens.

Back inside the ring, Ellering and Steelz go back at it, however this time it is Ellering who is starting to take over control of the offense. Ellering ends up hitting a simple back-slide on Steelz and she picks up the pin fall victory. After the match, we head to another commercial break.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

W. Morrissey & Moose Make An Agreement

We return from the break to a message from W. Morrissey. He talks to the camera about how he came to IMPACT Wrestling and made it clear he wasn’t there to make friends. He says he made a convenient alliance with Moose, but at Bound For Glory, Moose decided it wasn’t convenient anymore.

Morrissey continues to talk and says it’s ok because now Moose is the IMPACT Champion. Up walks Moose who approaches Morrissey and tells him he kept his word. He says he’ll keep his word again if he does him a favor and helps him take out Eddie Edwards. If he does, he’ll give him the first shot at the IMPACT Championship.

Morrissey smacks the title across Moose’s shoulder and simply says, “Alright, champ.” He walks off.

Gia Miller’s Exclusive Interview With The IInspiration

Now we watch as Gia Miller enters the locker room of the new IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Champions — The IInspiration, as it’s time for her exclusive interview with them.

Miller brings up their tag-title victory in their in-ring IMPACT debut at Bound For Glory being “inspiring.” She then asks what their goal is for the Knockouts division. They do their catchphrase and then tell Miller the interview is over.

Joe Doering vs. Heath

We head back inside the arena where Violent By Design’s theme hits and out comes VBD led by Eric Young, as it’s time for Joe Doering’s scheduled match here this evening.

As VBD settles in the ring, Striker and Brown talk on commentary about Rhino being the first member to ever walk away from VBD at Bound For Glory this past weekend.

Now the theme for Heath hits and out he comes accompanied by Rhino for this one-on-one showdown against VBD’s Joe Doering.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Heath starts off well, using his speed and quickness to blast Doering with rapid-fire strikes. Doering ends up using his size-and-strength to take over control of the offense.

Doering beats Heath down and then VBD members taunt Heath from ringside. Heath fires up for a comeback attempt, but Doering shuts it down and turns Heath inside-out with an enormous clothesline.

We hear the fans break out into a “Let’s go Heath!” chant as Doering continues his slow, methodical pace as the one-sided beatdown of Heath keeps going. Finally, Heath slows down Doering’s momentum by catching him with a big leg lariat.

Heath tries firing up on Doering, but we see VBD trip Heath up from ringside. This leads to Rhino running over and duking it out with the VBD members at ringside. The brawl ends up in the ring, as Rhino brawls with VBD members in the ring, prompting the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

After The Match: Violent By Design Attacks!

After the bell, we see Rhino beat down the VBD members except for their leader, Eric Young. Young stops and stares at Rhino, telling him not to do anything to him. Rhino listens but then is attacked from behind by other members of VBD.

This brings Young back into the ring to join in on the beatdown of Rhino and Heath. He climbs to the top-rope himself and comes flying off with a big elbow drop. The commentators act surprised that Young is fine and ready to unleash hell. Young hits a big piledriver on Heath.

The Good Brothers Confronted Backstage By FinJuice

Once the post-match scene with VBD and the duo of Rhino and Heath wrap up, we shoot backstage to The Good Brothers — Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. The two talk to the camera about being the best tag-team of the year and also the best bookers of the year.

They go on to brag about defending their titles against two teams at Bound For Glory. Up comes FinJuice, and they claim they had the match won and they say The Good Brothers know that.

FinJuice claims The Good Brothers have never beaten them, and on the flip-side of the coin, they can beat The Good Brothers whenever they want. The Good Brothers respond and walk off as we head to another commercial break.

The Kiss Demon Explains What He’s Doing In IMPACT Wrestling

We return from the break to Gia Miller standing by with The Kiss Demon backstage. She calls him the most surprising entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and asks what he’s doing in IMPACT Wrestling. Before he can answer, up walks Johnny Swinger. He verbally dresses down The Demon until The Demon’s buddies Black Taurus and others from Decay show up. He says he’s here in IMPACT because demons are allowed.

New Knockouts Champion Mickie James Confronted By Madison Rayne

Now we head back inside the arena where “Hardcore Country” plays and out comes the new IMPACT Knockouts Champion Mickie James. She settles in the ring and her music dies down.

James talks about Bound For Glory being a dream come true. She says she didn’t have designs on winning the Knockouts Championship when she came back at Slammiversary, but when the opportunity presented itself — she couldn’t turn it down.

The fans chant for Mickie and she tells the fans she loves them too. She then gives props to Deonna Purrazzo for giving her perhaps the hardest match she’s ever fought at Bound For Glory.

She goes on to say that she knows Purrazzo is owed a rematch, but she says no one has seen or heard from “The Virtuosa” since Bound For Glory. She talks about seeing the competition first hand at Knockouts Knockdown and knows there’s a long list of ladies who want to tie it up with “Hardcore Country.”

Mickie James goes on to say she welcomes the opportunity to face any of them, and says she’s excited about the future. She goes to continue, but then the theme for The Influence hits and out comes Madison Rayne along with Kaleb With A K.

Rayne goes on to talk about how when the legends of the Knockouts division in IMPACT are mentioned, names such as Mickie James, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong come up — but never hers. She talks about Mickie being willing to play in any playground that will open its’ doors to her, while she has been making a name in IMPACT this whole time.

Mickie brings up Rayne leaving and coming back three times. Eventually Rayne goes on to challenge Mickie James for a match on next week’s show. Mickie accepts the challenge and tells Rayne to bring Kaleb With A K so he can get a good, clean shot of her standing over her as Knockouts Champion.

Kaleb With A K tells Mickie that she thinks she is so funny. He pushes her and says she’s stupid. He says he’s got half a mind to wipe the stupid smile off her face. Mickie ends up b*tch-slapping him. “Hardcore Country” plays again to end this segment as Rayne and Kaleb head to the back as Mickie stands tall in the ring.

Chris Sabin Is Ready For Action

After the Mickie and Madison in-ring segment setting up their match for next week’s show, we shoot backstage and we see Chris Sabin in his ring gear warming up, as his main event match this evening against Ace Austin is coming up. We head to another commercial break.

Ace Austin vs. Chris Sabin

We’re back from the break and it’s time for our final match of the evening here on this week’s post-Bound For Glory edition of IMPACT On AXS TV.

Prior to the start of the ring entrances for our main event of the show, we shoot to the commentary duo of Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown, as they run down some of the action in store for next week’s show.

From there, we head back inside the arena and the theme hits to bring out Ace Austin. Austin makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Madman Fulton. He settles in the ring and his music fades off.

Now the theme hits to bring out longtime IMPACT Wrestling fan-favorite, Chris Sabin. We head to a pre-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Austin and Sabin both in the ring and ready to do battle. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

Following some early back-and-forth action, we see Sabin start to pull ahead into the offensive lead in this contest. He works over Austin while keeping a close eye on Fulton at ringside. Eventually, Austin capitalizes on a slight mistake made by Sabin, but it was all Austin needed to shift the momentum in his favor.

Austin dominates the action for a couple of minutes and then we head to a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

When we return from the break, we see Ace is still handling Sabin with ease, and is staying cocky all-the-while. Shortly after we return from the break, however, Sabin starts to fire up and make a comeback.

Sabin starts to take it to Austin for a couple of minutes, but then Austin manages to show signs of life, as he fights back into competitive form. The two go back-and-forth with offensive exchanges, with neither man establishing any clear-cut lead in the bout at this point of the contest.

Chris Sabin blasts Austin with a kick to the snout, leading to Fulton helping to snap Austin’s nose back into place — which the commentators bring up on the broadcast. Now Austin starts to fight back and he stalks Sabin, looking for his finisher. Sabin avoids it and looks for his own Cradle Shock, however Austin manages to avoid that as well.

Now we see Sabin hit a jumping springboard flipping DDT off the ropes on Austin for a close near fall. The fans break out into “This is IMPACT!” and “This is awesome!” chants as this match starts to reach another level.

Heading up to the top is Sabin as the fans continue their loud “This is awesome!” chants. Unfortunately for Sabin, however, he took too long and Austin heads up after him. Sabin knocks Austin down but then Fulton hops on the apron and stalls him. Sabin ends up knocking Fulton to the floor.

Austin gets back into the mix, but Sabin blasts him with a kick that drops him out to the floor. Back in the ring, we see Fulton sneak attack Sabin from behind while Austin distracts the ref in the ring. This leads to Austin hitting his finisher on Sabin for the pin fall victory in what was a really great main event on this week’s show. That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Ace Austin


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