IMPACT On AXS TV Results (10/7/2021)

IMPACT On AXS TV Results From Skyway Studios In Nashville, TN. (10/7/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling returns this evening with their latest weekly show on AXS TV.

On tap for tonight’s edition of IMPACT On AXS TV is Christian Cage and Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in tag-team action, as well as Chris Bey, Hikuleo & El Phantasmo vs. Chris Sabin & FinJuice in featured six-man tag-team action.

Also scheduled for the show is Petey Williams vs. Steve Maclin vs. Black Taurus in the latest title eliminator for the vacant X-Division Championship match at Bound For Glory, as well as the follow-up return appearance by Heath Miller.

Featured below are complete IMPACT On AXS TV results from Thursday, October 7, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with the usual “we own the night” signature opening video and then we shoot inside Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. as the commentators welcome us to the program.

FinJuice & Chris Sabin vs. The Bullet Club

From there, we head down to the ringside area as we get ready for our opening contest of the evening here on this week’s IMPACT On AXS TV.

Six-man tag-team action will be kicking things off inside the ring, as The Bullet Club trio of Chris Bey, Hikuleo and El Phantasmo collide with the trio of FinJuice — David Finlay and Juice Robinson, and their partner — Chris Sabin.

With both teams of three men now settled into the squared circle, we get ready for our first clash on this week’s show. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running, as Sabin and Bey kick things off for their respective teams.

After some back-and-forth action in the early goings, we see FinJuice establish the offensive lead and begin utilizing quick tags to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times. They begin isolating the ring and keeping Phantasmo on their side of the ring at all times.

Bey finally tags in and now it is Juice Robinson who finds himself on the wrong end of a prolonged three-on-one beatdown, as The Bullet Club trio now take turns making quick tags and cutting off the ring to keep Robinson in their neck of the woods.

Hikuleo takes over and does a top-rope jump down to a regular back-scratch. Finlay ends up tagging in and while he comes in fired up, it doesn’t take long before Hikuleo beats him down and knocks his partners off the ring apron. He then makes the tag.

Sabin ends up tagging in and going on a hot run, hitting a flying double cross body that takes out two of The Bullet Club members. He follows that up with a step-up DDT. All three babyfaces hit a triple dive and take out all three Bullet Club members on the floor for a nice pop from the fans in the IMPACT Zone.

Back in the ring, they hit some cool triple-team spots for a near fall that Phantasmo breaks up. We see a shot of IMPACT Tag-Team Champions The Good Brothers watching on at this action on a monitor backstage. Hikuleo hits a chokeslam and Phantasmo follows up with a top-rope splash for another close near fall.

Bey looks for the art of finese, but Sabin cuts him off and rolls him up for a near fall. He puts Bey on his shoulders and while distracted by Hikuelo, Phantasma hits a low blow. Bey then does connect with a second art of finese attempt for the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Bullet Club

Josh Alexander Tells Christian Cage He’s Got Front Row Seat Tonight

When we return from the break, we see a Knockouts Knockdown promo and then we shoot backstage where Gia Miller is standing by with Josh Alexander. She brings up his match tonight with Christian Cage against the team of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

Alexander says normally it would be an honor because he’s a legend in the business and in tag-team competition in particular. He mentions that it’s different though because they have a match at Bound For Glory for the richest prize in IMPACT Wrestling. He says he will give Cage a front row seat at what he’s in store for at Bound For Glory when they team up tonight.

Violent By Design Beats Down Heath, Rhino Is Nowhere To Be Found

Now we’re back inside the IMPACT Zone and we hear the ring announcer introduce Heath. He makes his way out from the back and heads down to the ring as Josh Mathews runs us through highlights of his return last week during Rhino’s scheduled response to Violent By Design.

He grabs a mic and the fans chant “Welcome back!” He says he’s happy to see the fans back as well. He talks about it being a hell of a year for him in 2021. He runs down how close he was to getting his IMPACT contract before the rug was pulled right out from underneath him. This led to doctors visits and hospitals and he thanks his wife and kids for being supportive.

Heath goes on to talk about losing his best friend. He says he was trying to get hold of him and he never got a phone call from Rhino. He says he’s not putting the blame on him because this is not the Rhino that he knows and loves. He says Violent By Design has brainwashed him and that’s really pissing him off. He says he’s out here today to call out his best friend Rhino.

Instead of Rhino, out comes Violent By Design. Eric Young tells Heath that the Rhino he knew is gone. He says he made him a better Rhino. He says he speaks for Rhino now. The fans chant “You’re not Rhino!” at him. Young says he’s not Rhino because Rhino belongs to him. Heath says Rhino belongs to nobody. Young tells Heath to get it through his skull that the Rhino he knew is gone forever.

Young tells Heath he’s going to lower his eyes and step through the ropes and leave his ring and never come back — ever. Heath tells him with all due respect he doesn’t hold his head down for anybody. He said he busted his ass to get back here and he’ll be damned if he’s gonna walk out. Young says he hears him because he’s gonna leave or he’s gonna force their hand. The fans chant “Force their hand!”

Heath responds by asking who wants to try him. He punches away but is eventually guzzled up by VBD. Young taunts him on the mic while they beat him down. The fans chant “We want Rhino!” Young says cheer all you want, he’s not coming. VBD holds Heath while Young fires away at him with cheap shots and taunts. He breaks the VBD flag pole over Heath and then covers him in the flag as he is laid out in the ring.

Willie Mack & Rich Swann Set A Match Up For Tonight, Brian Myers’ Bus

Backstage we see Gia Miller standing by with Willie Mack and Rich Swann. She tells him he has a chance to qualify for the title opportunity. He talks about having good chances against Rohit Raju tonight. Up walks some of Brian Myers cronies. Swann and Mack talk them down and ask if they think they’re better than them. One says yes and the other says no. He says he heard a yes in there so he’s gonna go to Scott D’Amore and get a tag match set up for tonight.

They walk over to Brian Myers and Sam Beale and VSK. Myers says it’s a rotten idea. He turns down their request to be in his corner during the match. He mentions having chicken wings on the bus. They ask what this bus is. We head to a commercial break.

Brandi Lauren & Kimber Lee & Penny Frost vs. Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans & Mercedes Martinez

We return from the break and we see the unique entrance of Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee as the red lights flash around the IMPACT Zone. They will partner up with Penny Frost, who is looking at them with a confused look on her face. The commentators plug the Knockouts Knockdown special this Saturday night.

With those three settled into the ring, we hear the theme for Tasha Steelz and out she comes along with Savannah Evans. The two settle down inside the ring and then out comes their partner for tonight, Mercedes Martinez. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this six-woman knockouts contest.

After some back-and-forth action in the early goings, we see Steelz and her trio pull into the offensive lead. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues inside the squared circle.

As we settle in from the break, we see the heel trio still in control of the offense. Steelz taunts her own partner, refusing to tag in Martinez, and it turns out to backfire on her as Kimber Lee dominates the action and shifts the momentum back in her team’s favor. Steelz ends up stealing the win moments later from Martinez.

Winners: Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans & Mercedes Martinez

Alisha Attacks, Gail Kim Makes Match

Once the match ends, Alisha comes out and goes after Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren. She attacks them viciously until a bunch of officials run out and take her to the back. When we return from an IMPACT Plus flashback moment, we see Alisha backstage still freaking out. Up walks Gail Kim and says she can have Kimber Lee, Savannah Evans and Jordynne Grace along with her in a Monster’s Ball match. Alisha is happy about this. We head to another break.

Decay Takes Over All About Us

We return to the latest edition of Tenille Dashwood’s segment. She is joined by Madison Rayne and Kaleb With A K. They run through today’s headlines and talk about Twitter trending topics. They are then joined by Decay. They scare Kaleb and then Tenille gets bleeped for what feels like forever as she reacts to them sitting down. Kaleb jokingly responds by saying “Mature content warning.” Decay joke about Tenille having some evil in here. They ask if they feel lucky going into Knockouts Knockdown. Tenille tells them to leave. Kaleb tells them they’ve been shadow-banned. Decay says they don’t dismiss them, they are now the hosts of this show. Tenille starts feeling itchy. Decay psycho laughs. The Influence leaves.

W. Morrissey & Moose Talk Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards & Bound For Glory

Now we shoot to Moose and W. Morrissey standing by with a message. They gloat about sending Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards to the hospital. Morrissey says nothing is about friendships but calls he and Moose an alliance. Moose says they’re taking their alliance to the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory. They vow to beat everyone else down and then stare each other down and make it clear when they’re the last two remaining, they’re gonna go after it against each other.

X-Division Championship Eliminator
Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

From there, we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Black Taurus’ theme hits and out he comes as he heads down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

He settles in the ring and his music cuts off. Now Steve Maclin’s theme hits and out he comes. He heads down to the ring as well and then his music cuts off.

Finally, Petey Williams theme hits and out he comes with the Canadian flag. He makes his way down to the ring and settles in as well. We’re about to get this X-Division Title Eliminator for a spot in the vacant title match at Bound For Glory underway.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. Early on, we see Williams dominating the action as they knock Maclin out of the ring. He dukes it out with Taurus and hits his trademark dropkick to the back.

Williams sends Taurus to the floor and hits a basement dropkick before springboarding out to the floor for a hurricanrana on Maclin.

We see some more big high spots back-to-back from all three guys. Williams hits his Canadian Destroyer but Maclin immediately follows up behind him with his finisher for the pin fall victory. With the win he joins Trey Miguel and others in the vacant X-Division Championship match at Bound For Glory.

Winner and advancing to Bound For Glory X-Division Title match: Steve Maclin

Christian Cage Responds To Josh Alexander, Gets Confronted By Christopher Daniels

Now we head backstage where Gia Miller is standing by with Christian Cage. He talks about Alexander’s comments about being in a front row seat in their tag-team match tonight. He says there’s positives and negatives to that, as he says it’ll prove up close and personal how Cage is in a different league compared to Alexander.

As Cage goes to leave, up walks Christopher Daniels. He says he figured he’d pick now to let him know why he came back. He says it’s to right the wrong and capture the one prize that has escaped him — the IMPACT Championship. He walks off and we head to another commercial break.

The Aftermath Of Swinger’s Palace Getting Closed

We return from the break to an upset Swinger without his Palace. He is annoyed by Hernandez and then we see a poster of Dixie Carter, who he calls Tawny Katan, the old poster lady from the 1980s. Fallah Bahh says he got what he deserved when talking about all his stuff being boxed up due to Scott D’Amore closing Swinger’s Palace.

Manny Lemons & Zicky Dice vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Now we head back inside the IMPACT Zone and out comes the hesitant duo of Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice. They head down to the ring and start to look pumped up as they prepare for the tag-team match set up earlier in the show in the backstage segment with The Learning Tree guys and the duo of Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

Speaking of the latter, the upbeat theme music brings out Rich Swann and Willie Mack. The IMPACT Zone gets on their feet as the duo make their way down to the ring for this bout.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Mack dominates things early on and then makes the tag to Swann, who picks up where he left off, taking it to Dice as Lemons watches from the apron.

Finally Lemons tags in and Swann meets him coming in with a big boot before tagging Mack back into the ring. Mack blasts Lemons with some loud chops and then a “t*tty twister.” They joke about “Lemon Juice” on commentary. The fans chant “Squeeze the lemons!”

After The Match: The Learning Tree & Brian Myers Attacks!

Once the match wraps up, as Swann and Mack were celebrating, out comes Brian Myers, Sam Beale and other members of The Learning Tree. Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons join them in a prolonged post-match beatdown of Swann and Mack led by Myers. They leave the duo laying and pose as the fans boo them. We head to another commercial break.

Mickie James Attacks Deonna Purrazzo, Pick Your Poison Announced

We return from the break to Gia Miller informing us that a meeting is being held regarding Deonna Purrazzo attacking Mickie James at her home on last week’s show.

The cameras head into the meeting and up comes a crazed Mickie James who dives across the table and attacks Purrazzo. Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim finally restore order.

Gail Kim informs Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo that they will each have a Pick your poison match where they can pick each other’s opponents at Knockouts Knockdown.

Christian Cage & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

From there, the commentators run down the lineup for Saturday’s Knockouts Knockdown special, as well as some matches for next week’s IMPACT On AXS TV show.

We then head back inside the IMPACT Zone inside Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. where the theme hits to bring out Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. The duo head down to the ring for the main event of the evening.

With the heel duo in the ring, their music cuts off. The theme hits to bring out former X-Division Champion Josh Alexander. He heads to the ring as fans chanting “Walking Weapon” at him.

Alexander settles into the ring and his music dies down. Now the theme for IMPACT Champion Christian Cage hits and out comes the pro wrestling legend for our final match of the evening here on this week’s IMPACT On AXS TV show.

As Cage settles into the squared circle as well, his theme continues playing as he poses for the fans inside the IMPACT Zone. On that note, the commentators talk us into a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, the bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Fulton and Cage kick things off for their respective teams in our main event. They lock up and Fulton powers Cage right down to the mat. The crowd ooh’s and ahh’s as Cage looks up at him from the mat.

The fans begin chanting “Christian Cage! Christian Cage!” and now the IMPACT Champion uses some of his veteran tactics to begin mounting a bit of an offense on his larger opposition. Fulton turns the tables on him and bullies him into the corner. He unloads on him with shots and whips him into the other corner hard.

Fulton ends up running into a shot from Cage, who follows up with some more strikes before tagging in Alexander. “The Walking Weapon” comes into the ring with a ton of energy, but ends up getting flatlined with a big clothesline from Fulton. Fulton then tags in Austin and “The Inevitable” one picks up where Fulton left off, taking it to Alexander.

Alexander turns the tables on Austin and gets in some offense of his own, however it isn’t long before Ace is back in the offensive driver’s seat. As he continues to put the boots to Alexander on the mat, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action in our main event of the evening continues.

As we settle back in from our final break of the evening, we see Austin still in control of things as he works over Alexander in the corner of the ring. He whips him to the opposing corner but Alexander fights him off and starts showing signs of life. Austin hits him with a buzzsaw kick to put a halt to his momentum.

We see Ace charge at Alexander near the ropes, but Alexander simply side-steps him and helps guide him through the ropes where he slams his shoulder into the barricade upon landing outside of the ring. Alexander then makes the much-needed tag to Christian Cage.

Cage takes the hot tag and hits the ring, taking it to Austin and staring down Fulton while doing so. Cage gets in a couple of follow-up moves but Austin capitalizes on the first slight mistake he makes and then immediately tags in his larger tag partner.

Fulton enters the ring and launches himself at the IMPACT Champion, blasting him with flying headbutts and then choking him over the ropes as he taunts his opponent, and the fans at ringside. He whips him into the corner hard and Cage crumbles down to the mat. Fulton stomps on him as he starts to look lifeless and helpless.

Now we see Fulton put Cage in some kind of unique vice grip, as D’Lo Brown calls it on commentary. Josh Mathews compares it to a preacher curl but using Cage as the bench. Cage fights free and dives for the tag but Fulton hoists him up and brings him to his corner instead. He tags Ace Austin back in.

Austin re-enters the ring and picks up where Fulton left off, taking it to Cage. He hits a big move and goes for the cover but Cage kicks out. Alexander was hitting the ring to try and break it up if necessary. Cage ends up catching Austin off a springboard on the ropes with a spear. Both guys are down and looking to make it to their corners to make the tag.

“The Walking Weapon” finally tags back in, as does Fulton. It is Alexander, however, who takes the hot tag and goes on a hot run. He hoists Fulton up and turns him inside-out with a big slam. He hooks Fulton and goes for back-to-back belly-to-back suplexes. He goes for a third but Fulton tries to avoid it and then Austin tags himself back in. Fulton hoists Alexander up and Austin comes off the ropes with a cool double-team high spot.

Alexander looks out on his feet as Fulton goes for a chokeslam while Austin goes to the top-rope. Cage throws Austin off the top to break up whatever they were attempting. Fulton heads to the floor and Cage dives on him but Fulton catches him. Cage shoves him into the steel steps.

Inside the ring, meanwhile, Alexander gets Austin in the ankle lock and Austin ends up getting free. Cage tags himself in. Alexander hits Chaos Theory. Cage hits Killswitch Engage after that for the win, with Alexander not realizing Cage tagged himself in for the finish. They stare each other down after the match. That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winners: Josh Alexander & Christian Cage


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